Analyze your home’s security flaws from a burglar’s point of view

BY Allconnect | Mon May 18, 2015
Analyze your home’s security flaws from a burglar’s point of view

As a homeowner it can be difficult to assess the way an intruder would enter your home, especially from the inside looking outward. You’ll need to think like a burglar and examine your perimeter from the outdoors if you want a clearer perspective on your home’s vulnerability to break-ins. Taking a closer look at the hole’s in your home’s defenses also reveals how these issues can be solved.

“Evaluating the perimeter will help you to repel home invaders.”

Solutions range from simple home improvement projects to a comprehensive security system from your local security provider, depending on the needs of your home. Spend enough time on this analysis to give your home a comprehensive security overview. More time spent evaluating the perimeter translates to greater opportunities to deter and repel home invaders.

Search your perimeter for easy access points
Your first step in analyzing your home’s perimeter for weaknesses starts with taking a lap around the outside of the house. This Old House warned that front and side doors, first floor windows and garages are the spots where burglars most often find luck when trying to break into a home. Give each of these spots a visual check for structural damage that might make it easier for an intruder to enter your home without detection. Likewise, check to see if any of the windows have been left unlocked.

Doing this thorough examination will provide insight into which parts of the home are in need of more routine maintenance. Remember that keeping your perimeter secure is an important part of protecting your family and your belongings. Discovering your home’s vulnerabilities sooner than later will also give you a chance to plan the rest of the year’s home improvements around security-minded projects.

Landscape your yard with security in mind
Criminals like cover and concealment. You are actually doing burglars a favor by planting large bushes and shrubs around your perimeter. Such landscapes invite intruders to consider your home as a potential target, by obscuring attempts to gain illegal access to the inside of your home. That’s why it makes sense to take a hard look at your yard when scanning the home’s surroundings, said Bankrate. You may need a lawn mower and a pair of hedge clippers to make your home as secure as possible. You can add yet another level of security to your yard with motion-activated lights, according to U.S. News and World Report. A well-lit exterior will make burglars think twice before lurking around your property.

Look for locations to integrate surveillance technology
It’s easier than ever to use technology to make your home’s perimeter even more secure. A quick call to your local home security provider will get your home set up with motion detectors, alarms and, in some cases, surveillance cameras. Plus, professional installation and maintenance will ensure that your security gear stays working and up to date. After all, your system won’t deter any intruders if it isn’t set up correctly. Having an experienced professional on the job will ensure that cameras and alarms target areas where break-ins are most likely. Furthermore, touting your local security company’s name with decals and lawn signs acts as extra incentive for intruders to steer clear of your property.

Smart devices can supplement your professional security system by giving you extra ways to control your perimeter via the home’s high speed Internet connection. For instance, automated deadbolts are capable of being locked and unlocked on-the-go from your smartphone. High-end models even have built-in cameras that allow you to keep tabs on who visits your door when you and your family aren’t home. These are just a sample of the new types of home security accessories you can get up and running in your home via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

A well lit home is a safer home.A well lit home is a safer home.

Don’t neglect your digital defenses
Remember that your home has a digital perimeter too. Intruders who access your network can use your personal information to their advantage and high-tech criminals scour social media for opportunities to break into a home when its occupants are absent. That’s why it makes sense to to think about updates to your Wi-Fi and new online habits as ways to protect your perimeter as well.

Adding a stronger password, updating software and activating encryption are simple ways to make your home network safe from intrusion. Likewise, upping these defenses also helps to make your automated equipment less vulnerable to hacking.

When it comes to social media, remember you’re not always sure who’s reading your messages and posts. Revealing travel plans or talking up a recent big purchase online may seem harmless, but actually creates a potential security threat. As a rule, try not to post anything online that you wouldn’t want a burglar to overhear.

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