Dreamy Ideas to Make Your Master Bedroom More “You”

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue May 12, 2015

Dreamy Ideas to Make Your Master Bedroom More YouGuest post by Brooke Chaplan.

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is a perfect opportunity to make your mark, and really personalize a room to your tastes. However, many people aren’t quite sure about the best way to decorate a master bedroom and make it suit their personality. In this post, we will go over some simple tips to help you make your master bedroom your own. Remember to have fun with it!

Be Colorful
Color is an obvious choice for personalization, but there’s a way to do it right. The key is to have a main color in the room, while allowing for supporting secondary colors. If you use too much of your main color it can be overwhelming, especially if the color is especially bright or dark. Instead, experiment with different shades and complementary colors. Use themes: make all your furniture one color, paint the walls a different color, and give the bedding a third color that complements the first two. Go for a solid metal or wood type that runs current throughout and leave the rest of the furniture mismatched. Find shutters for sale in Orlando, FL that match your wardrobe and side table for a similar style or use a silvery metal on the knobs and ceiling fixtures. Don’t be afraid to make some changes if it’s getting old, there are parts of your design where color is easy to change. For example, if you buy a duvet cover, you can change the color of your comforter which can make a big difference since it’s the centerpiece of the room.

Use Souvenirs
If you like to travel you’ve probably picked up some odds and ends from different places. Display them! Your past and where you’ve been is a major part of your personal story, and you can use these items to put more of yourself into your room. You can group them together based on where they came from, or the type of object they are, or any kind of system. It does help to ensure they are displayed with some organization so there is a noticeable theme for each cluster. Keep shelves and counters clear and focused with one or two of your personal items. These make great conversation starters, and are a good way of keeping your memories of your of the past alive.

Add Bookshelves
Bookshelves are a great use of space in the bedroom because they don’t stick out very far into the room. If you load them up with your favorite books that in itself is a major personal touch. The shelves themselves can be a design element. Pick a wood type that works well with the wood and colors of the room. One useful trick is to use some of the space on a bookshelf for storing things besides books, like the souvenirs listed above. A bookshelf with alternating shelves of books and other objects can look balanced and well designed, especially when the objects and books share a common personal theme.

Personalization is a fun way to decorate your master bedroom. The best guiding advice to keep in mind, is to think about themes. If you just put a lot of different things in the room, it will appear disorganized. Instead, pick out a few major ideas that show your personal touch and use them as the basis for themes. This will give you some focus so that you know what kinds of things to add to the room. You can decide which parts of the room will look best for different themes, but the basic idea is sound. Remember to have fun with it, too. This isn’t supposed to be frustrating or annoying, just a way to express yourself!

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