High-Tech Home Improvement: The Kitchen

BY Allconnect | Fri Apr 10, 2015
High-Tech Home Improvement: The Kitchen

The kitchen has long served homeowners as a unique intersection of technology, functionality and style. These factors, along with greater adoption of high speed Internet from cable and Internet providers, are driving the look and feel of the modern kitchen toward home automation. Homeowners interested in experimenting with automating their Internet of Things-capable appliances or simply looking to streamline the performance of their kitchen with smartphone controls should consider the benefits of an IoT-enhanced kitchen. This overview of automated home improvement ideas provides the perfect first steps for any family looking to design a bold, remotely operated kitchen, all on their own.

“Automation is driving the look and feel of the modern kitchen.”

Multiple factors make kitchens an ideal spot for automation
There are multiple reasons to choose your kitchen as the place to start your automated remodeling. Families often meet in the kitchen for meals and meetings, making the space a natural social hub for the rest of the home. Likewise, kitchens themselves are located centrally in the home, and are often the room where families decide to set up the wireless router allocated by their cable and Internet provider. When it comes to choosing a room in the home to improve, based on need and activity level, the kitchen is a top choice.

More importantly, kitchens are already a focal point of consumer technology and smartphone use, according to Forbes. As a result, it won’t take long for more and more manufacturers to see the light and equip their products with Internet of Things readiness. The flow of new kitchen gadgets to the market has been dense for years and new options for consumers will only become more diverse as products continue to become automatable.

Forbes also pointed to an October 2014 survey by NextMarket Insights that reported 24 percent of those who use the kitchen to prepare meals constantly use their tablet or smartphone while preparing food. Another 34 percent take advantage of their smartphone in the kitchen on a semi-regular basis as well. It wouldn’t take much for homeowners who are already accustomed to leveraging their smartphone in the kitchen to open up another app that controls IoT-ready light settings, the thermometer, the coffee maker, the radio and more. All of these factors make it clear that the kitchen is the right place to start your DIY automation project.

Modern IoT products promise convenience and cost savings
One reason that some consumers have yet to be sold on home automation is because they aren’t aware of all the potential convenience the technology can bring to their kitchen. TechCrunch pointed out that there are several innovative IoT products available that will allow you to automate your kitchen with very little DIY effort.

The Drop Connected Kitchen Scale, for example, delivers accurate weights of ingredients directly to your smartphone as you add them to the bowl, making it a breeze to stick to recipes. Similarly, a brand of smart utensil called the HAPIfork delivers data about your portions to your smartphone via bluetooth?, or a PC over USB. With a bit of extra effort, you could automate these and other appliances to digitally track what you cook and eat on a regular basis. This approach to automation adds extended functionality to both IoT capable products, makes the kitchen more streamlined and generates greater ROI for each IoT investment.

Kitchen functionality expands when devices can "talk" to one another.Kitchen functionality expands when devices can “talk” to one another.

Growing demand means new cooking tech is just around the corner
You won’t have to wait long before additional pieces of IoT-ready kitchen appliances hit the market. In fact, many major manufacturers have already fully embraced the future of the automated kitchen. According to Fast Company, industry-leaders like GE, LG and Whirpool are already hard at work designing multiple automated improvements for the kitchen.

Soon the age old question of “did I leave the oven on?” will be answerable via few swipes on your smartphone screen. Considering the repeated growth and success of Internet of Things devices at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, it’s clear that manufacturers are prioritizing IoT. It won’t be long before an automated version of your favorite blender or tea kettle hits the shelves.

Kitchen improvements are a boon for a property’s resale value
The right DIY home automation upgrades in your kitchen might also help make your home easier to sell down the road. A recent article from HGTV pointed out that kitchen upgrades are often the most likely to catch the eye of potential home buyers and put your family in a good position to negotiate.

Furthermore, the latest consumer data released by Transparency Market Research shows that consumer demand for integrating the kitchen through smart kitchen tech is on the rise. These factors could help you raise the value of your home and the functionality of your kitchen by simply setting up a slew of new appliances.

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