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Another way that bundling saves: fewer setup and installation fees

Learn how much the average installation fee costs (hint, it’s $70+) and ways you can save by bundling new service.

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Landlines still offer numerous benefits to American consumers

Review the unique benefits of owning a landline phone before going completely wireless. Get better security, call quality and more.

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Understanding internet data caps and which providers have no data cap internet

Learn more about data caps, which provider impose limits, and which providers offer no data cap internet.

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Home security tips from “It Takes a Thief”

Most burglaries occur during the day to homes without security systems. Learn how to protect your home and valuables.

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2019 winter TV premieres worth watching

It’s beginning to look a lot like all our favorite TV shows are back! Set your DVR to catch all your guilty pleasures and explore a few new ones with 2019 winter TV premieres.

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Best TV packages for sports — winter 2019

Find the best TV channels and sports packages, and which providers offer them, for your must-see winter sporting events.

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Why are phone numbers 7 digits and other fun phone facts

Learn about the evolution of the 7-digit phone number and other fun phone facts.

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High-speed internet a necessity for U.S. students

Pencils. Textbook. Wi-Fi? Learn why a high-speed internet connection should be at the top of every student’s school supply list.

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Smartphone-only internet users vs. the Lifeline program

Smartphones are taking over… but why? There’s estimated to be 237.6 million smartphone users in the U.S., according to Statista….

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