Cable and Internet providers offering cordless bundles

BY Allconnect | Thu Aug 28, 2014
Cable and Internet providers offering cordless bundles

An increasing number of Americans are choosing to go cordless, shrinking the market land lines and cable TV services. The growing buying power of millennial consumers is a large driving force behind this trend. Americans ages 14-24 make up only 44 percent of the population paying for cable television, according to Time. Service providers have responded to this market shift by offering targeted bundles at those looking to do without the traditional triple play service plan.

The bundles of the future
DISH Network, for example, aims to deliver a "virtual cable" service to budget-conscious millennial consumers. The company plans to work with cable companies to deliver a small package of streaming cable channels along with high speed Internet service, according to the Washington Business Journal. DISH Network has recently signed on The Walt Disney Co. and A&E to participate in the service and are still looking to sign additional networks. The company projects the "virtual cable" bundles will cost consumers about $30 a month.

HBO has partnered with Comcast to similarly tap into millennial pocketbooks, reports the International Business Times. The companies are offering consumers packages that combine robust Internet service and access to HBO's streaming service. Millennials make up a large part of HBO's audience, given the popularity of shows like "Game of Thrones" among viewers in their 20s and early 30s. The network hopes that the draw of easy access to premiere content will inspire millennials to change up their usual spending habits. The cost of the HBO-plus-Internet service is expected to start at $40 a month and increase as the early promotional period expires.

How consumers can take advantage
The rise of cordless bundles will give homeowners more freedom in selecting a bundle that meets their budget and entertainment needs. However, the Wall Street Journal explains that consumers can already access special bundles that offer a mix of Internet and cable TV services. The article notes several codes that consumers can use to order streamlined bundles from Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T and Verizon.

Limited bundles are only one option that consumers can use to eliminate their media service costs. Searching low-cost bundles through an online bundle-locating service, for example, will simplify the search for customers without upping their costs. Regardless of the method, Consumer Reports suggests that a bit of extra effort can save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year on cable and Internet.

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