Preparing for a Move video

Preparing for a move

Moving can be a great experience, or it can be a P-A-I-N. You end up in a new location with new opportunities and amenities, but the process isn’t always fun. But it can be a lot easier if you plan. First, check out the area. Your new home may look perfect during the day. But if a college frat is next door, have fun not sleeping.

Next, approach packing thoughtfully. Good idea – organizing your belongings by room. Bad idea – putting all your books in two giant hernia-inducing boxes. Another bad idea? Putting your toilet paper in the back of the moving truck.

You also want to take care of basic services at your new home before you arrive. Is your mail forwarding set up? Do you have electricity, trash pickup? What about cable and internet? If you don’t have TV and internet… well, hope you like board games and massive data charges on your phone. Plan for your move the right way, and you’ll end up happy and relaxed at the end. Do it wrong, and MOVE becomes just another four-letter word.

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