How the AT&T/DirecTV Deal Affects You

BY Allconnect | Fri May 23, 2014
How the AT&T/DirecTV Deal Affects You

One of the largest digital satellite TV providers is going to be taken over. AT&T recently announced that’ll purchase DirecTV. The Los Angeles Times reports that the acquisition was motivated by AT&T’s desire to compete with Comcast, which has just bought Time Warner Cable, and the ability to access DirecTV’s subscribers.

This deal could have far-reaching effects on consumers. Let’s take a look at what AT&T’s purchase of DirecTV means for you.

Potential bundles
According to Reuters, AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson touted potential phone, Internet and TV bundles will be the biggest benefit for consumers during a media call about the purchase.

“We all know from a customer standpoint, the more you bundle, the more advantageous it is from a value standpoint, from a pricing standpoint,” Stephenson said.

Some industry experts have argued that these deals are mostly for new subscribers and that the prices don’t last all that long. However, AT&T recently pledged that it’ll keep its Internet service at its current price for the next three years. This may be a sign that the service provider is committed to maintaining fair prices for its customers.

A further reach
Mashable was quick to point out that the acquisition could mean great things for consumers in rural areas. Citing a press release on the deal, the news source notes that AT&T is committed to expanding its broadband service into new places, making it more accessible for people who don’t live in big cities or suburbs.

This is great news if you live in an rural area. AT&T has one of the best broadband services available, and it’s always good to have multiple options for your home. Reuters notes that AT&T plans to expand its services to 57 million homes by 2015, an aggressive goal. That said, should the company’s efforts pay off, you’ll likely be able to get a new package sooner rather than later.

Even better HD
Finally and perhaps most importantly to consumers, Bloomberg believes that the deal may lead to ultra high-definition content. The news source explains that DirecTV has the “lead in developing video resolutions that are four times more crisp and detailed than the picture on today’s flat-screen TVs.” Stephenson noted that the deal could pave the way for ultra HD because satellite is the best way to deliver content in this format.

Do you think that the AT&T/DirecTV deal will have a positive impact?

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