Is America’s Internet About to Get Faster?

BY Allconnect | Mon Jun 02, 2014
Is America’s Internet About to Get Faster?

Many home Internet service providers are looking to speed up their networks. According to Digital Trends, Cox Communications recently announced that it will roll out gigabit connections, which are faster than standard ones, in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Omaha, Nebraska. In 2016, Cox will increase the service’s range to all of its customers.

The news source points out that this puts the service provider in company with AT&T and Google, the only other companies to offer gigabit connections. At this rate, subscribers will be able to download one gigabit of data per second.

This isn’t the only good news for U.S. consumers. One entrepreneur has designs on improving the American Internet. The Verge reports that Masayoshi Son, the new Spring chairman, has expressed interest in boosting Web speeds in the States. During a recent conference, Son stated that Americans don’t have access to the fastest possible web services and that he could help change that.

There are welcome prospects. Any initiative to boost Internet speeds could lead to innovation and improved services down the line. With any luck, Son will fulfill his goal sooner rather than later and more providers will follow the lead of Cox, Google and AT&T.

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