How to Choose a TV Channel Package

BY Allconnect | Wed Jun 04, 2014
How to Choose a TV Channel Package

Whether you have cable TV or satellite TV, most providers require you to choose from a list of channel packages. These are typically channels that are similar in content that are sold together as a bundle. There are many different kinds of packages including basic packages, sports packages and premium packages. To avoid paying for channels that you never watch, it is important that you choose the right TV channel package.

One of the most obvious, and important, qualifications for determining what channel packages you subscribe to is what languages you speak. There is no point in paying for Spanish language channels if you only speak English, unless you feel like learning how to speak Spanish from soccer commentary.

News networks
Most cable plans cover the major news networks. However, if you are a real news junkie, or you just want to expose yourself to a more diverse point of view, you may have to look at more inclusive channel packages. Look at middle to high tier channel packages for niche news channels which cover topics like technology or celebrity news, or news networks from countries outside of the United States like BBC or Al Jazeera.

If you like watching movies at home, then you’re usually going to have to go for the top-tier channel packages. These packages generally include all the premium channels, like HBO, Showtime and Cinemax, and are perfect for movie buffs. These channels also carry some of the most popular serial dramas and comedies. However, if you only sit down to a flick and some popcorn once a week, you may want to consider cable TV services with a pay-per-view option.

Anyone who calls themselves a sports fan is going to need to pay special attention to what teams are covered by the channels they purchase in their channel package. The world of sports broadcasting is rife with competition, compromises and contracts, which can make it a real headache to figure out what games will be covered on which channels. This is especially true if you want to follow a team that is not local to the area in which you live. Consider upgrading to specialized premium sports packages if your local channels don’t cover your favorite team.

Music stations
These days, your cable TV service likely includes music stations as well as normal TV stations. Although it’s rare to have to pay extra for music stations on your TV, it’s always worthwhile to check for specialized music stations if you enjoy listening to the radio on your TV.

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