Winter Home Renovation Tips

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Jan 24, 2014

Now that winter is here, have you really looked upon your utility bills? There are quite a few good reasons to look toward projects during or before the snows and the cold set in that might help you bump down the bills during the season. The average bills for utilities may be quite a bit, so you have the power in your hands to change that by being proactive and doing some energy-saving renovation projects. This will increase the energy efficiency of your home, make it warmer and cozier overall in the process. Let’s cover some of what you can do to get things rolling:

Putting up solar power

One of the best ways to stay on top while at the same time saving money is to make use of what you already have around you – nature itself. We have so many sources of energy around us, from water to winds, but most important of all and the one that literally brings all life to this planet – sunlight itself. There are great benefits to making use of that free energy that warms us and gives us light, and you should not miss out on them if you have the chance to use them. You can literally lower or completely eliminate your electric bills with their help, so check out whether you can find a location for solar collectors around your property. You can even earn credit on top of that if you play your cards right if you get an agreement with the utility providers as well. If you have energy in excess you can be given money for it from utility companies, which is a win-win scenario for you in all cases. This will also reduce your carbon footprint and make you independent of the grid.

 Using dual pane windows

One of the best energy-saving and energy-free ways of reducing your electric bills is to insulate your home effectively. Dual pane windows are not only safer, but also really good at doing just that. The double layer of glass between you and the world outside, combined with a good insulation will lower your heating bills significantly, thus improving your life in the long run. Between the glass panes you will have a space filled with argon gas, which will greatly help with the insulation properties of your windows. Once you install them, you will see a great jump in energy efficiency and warmth flooding your home. You could also have the UV coating on your windows which lowers the chance of fading for any artwork and furniture inside your home. You could also have ones with safety film on, which keeps them from shattering into pieces in case of impacts.

 Upgrading your insulation

Once you have considered the other two options or even worked on them, you can still get back to the good, old-fashioned insulation options to add the base of your renovation efforts. Better insulation means better effectiveness overall. Consider adding more insulation if possible, depending on the nature of your home if its insufficient. This is a more in-depth project that requires a great deal of planning, so professional help is advised.

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