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Understanding the smart meter and the benefits of energy consumption monitoring

Smart meters make it easier to understand your energy consumption and make changes to reduce your electricity bill.

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Emergency communication: cell phone vs. landline phone

Find out how landline phone service can be your biggest asset in emergency situations.

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CenturyLink compatible modems and routers

CenturyLink may let you rent a modem, but what if you want your own? Learn about compatible modem & router options!

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3 things you need to know about surge protection

Surge protectors are an important step in keeping your electronics safe from electrical damage. Learn how they work and help.

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5 steps to get the best TV picture

These 5 steps will help you get the best TV picture quality in any room. Learn how to get the best picture on any TV.

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How to stream Super Bowl 2019

Planning to stream the big game this year? You can stream the Super Bowl for free. Here’s how.

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Controlling your home security system with your smartphone

If you thought you loved your phone before, get ready to take it to the next level with home security at your fingertips.

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Another way that bundling saves: fewer setup and installation fees

Learn how much the average installation fee costs (hint, it’s $70+) and ways you can save by bundling new service.

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Landlines still offer numerous benefits to American consumers

Review the unique benefits of owning a landline phone before going completely wireless. Get better security, call quality and more.

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