Pool Maintenance Tips: Leave Liner Replacements to the Pros

Pool Maintenance TipsFrom draining water from the pool to cleaning pool walls, replacing your pool’s liner is no easy task. Leave hefty pool duties to the pros by relying on experienced pool service technicians for all the dirty work. While searching the Internet to contact local, qualified companies, look for professionals who have experience with liner locks, wall foam, gaskets and adhesives — even various liner designs and patterns. Although you’ll depend on a pool expert, familiarizing yourself with basic pool liner replacement steps will help ensure the service is performed optimally, and you’re not being taken advantage of.

Pool Liner Replacement Steps

Three factors to consider when changing a pool liner include the size, shape and depth of the pool. An average pool size is 16′ by 32′, and the average cost for a liner change, according to EdwardsPools.com, costs between $2,400 to $2,800.

The first step to replace a pool liner is to drain the water through a sump pump or by turning your pool vacuum to “pump to waste.” Vinyl pool liners can be damaged easily, so pool water draining needs to be done carefully. Many vinyl liners are vulnerable to collapse when not weighted down by the water. (If you have a fiberglass liner, this is not usually a problem). Next, for vinyl liners, remove your top cap or top rail — the piece at the top of the wall that secures the liner in place. Inspect the walls and floor for anything that could damage the new liner.

Once the pool is drained and the foundation is checked for any problems, face plates should be wiped down. Also, pool walls need to be swept and dried before laying out the new liner. A liner should never be dragged along the floor of the pool to prevent the vinyl from ripping or tearing. After wrinkles are smoothed out, the pool is ready to be filled. Your pool will be safe for swimming once chemicals are checked. A professional will typically take a water sample or use chemical strips to check for balanced chemical levels.

Qualified Pool Service Technicians

Check that the company you hire is a member of a professional organization and insured. Service scams can leave you not only feeling violated and vulnerable, but with hundreds of dollars lost. In Maple Shade, N.J., two women were given estimates for a new pool liner. The women paid the deposit of $575, but the man who gave the estimate and took the deposit never returned. Perform the proper research of a company before giving out that credit card info.

Researching a company includes checking out a company’s credentials and reading customer testimonials. Know the details of pool services before making a deposit or signing a contract. While checking out a company on the Better Business Bureau, look for an A+ rating and excellent reviews. Professional companies, such as inground poolproducts.com, will also support their experience and expertise by being a member of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals or promoting their qualified services with in-depth, personal profiles about their team on their website.

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  1. I agree that it is smart to inform yourself on the details of pool maintenance but to seek a professional to go through with it. My husband and I recently purchased a home with a pool in the backyard. We have been looking for the cheapest way to upkeep our pool; but, it seems as it may be worth it save ourselves the hassle and to seek out a professional.

  2. Thanks for going over some maintenance tips for pools. I actually didn’t know that it could be good to replace the pool liner especially since they can be damaged easily. I’m interested to learn how you can tell it’s damaged, like if there are any telltale signs.

  3. I really like what you said about leaving the pool liner replacement to the professionals and how much the pool liner replacement can cost. My wife and I are looking into getting a pool liner replacement done on our pool. It would be great if we hired a service that could handle that for us. We’ll have to look into finding a pool repair company.

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