How to Select a Solar Panel Installation Company

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Nov 08, 2013

How to Select a Solar Panel Installation CompanyThe costs of electricity seem to be on a slow, but steady rise as the years roll by, so this often means solar panels are becoming a more and more lucrative choice. Thankfully, solar power technology is on the rise, offering much but it needs to be understood before installed. The installation companies that work with solar panels know everything they need to know to make sure things are done the right way. Their help is of great importance so don’t try to install things on your own unless you’ve done so before and you know exactly what you need to do. The following tips will give you a good idea what to expect when you try to find the best company that fits your needs.

Eliminating the electric bill

There is a certain balance between the number of panels you can install and the exact amount of electricity you’ll be using off the grid. This also depends on the budget you have to work with and the available space as well. The consumption levels of your home also depend on the devices you have hooked up to the power grid and a number of other aspects that need to be kept in mind as you make your plans if you want to be completely home-free.

Breaking even

This particular moment mostly depends on the effectiveness and size of the solar power system you’ve installed and the consumption rate it has to deal with. There are other aspects of the installation which play their part in the whole, such as the orientation of the panels and the amount of daylight they get, the costs of your system and the feed-in tariff you need to deal with. Great companies will give you a proper estimate on the time frame you’ll need to deal with before you break even and the system covers the expenses you had in obtaining it.

Keeping out of the shade

The peak hours of electricity production are between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, so the panels should be unobstructed during those hours for maximum efficiency. You should keep in mind that any shade during those hours will impede the production of electricity by a big margin so you must do your best to avoid that. I many cases the installers will give you advise to do your best to keep sunlight unobstructed by removing any objects or trimming plants and trees that get in the way.

You should always make sure your panels are oriented the right way, as the once facing to the south will always be more effective than others you’ve placed around. The installers will do their best to see whether you can locate most of your panels in a way that helps them face to the south.

If your installer wants you to sign up for regular maintenance via your signed agreement, then you should keep in mind that in most cases panels need minimal maintenance. There are no moving parts and they simply need to be washed and kept clean with mild soap and water. For the most part you could avoid dealing with maintenance until you really need to, so there is hardly any special need of regular check ups from the company that installed them.

Contacting the company

You should always ensure the company you’re working with will be around when you need their help. Check out whether they have physical offices nearby and keep their contact details for future reference in a spot where you can find them with ease.

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