10 Tips for Throwing a Game-Watching Party

BY Allconnect Inc | Sat Oct 05, 2013

Football season is upon us and there will be many games you will not want to miss throughout the year. You might prefer NFL or College football, or you may just like football games for the social aspect. No matter your reason for watching the games, it’s always fun to enjoy them with your friends. If you can’t make it to the actual stadium for the game then consider throwing a game-watching party at your house. It’s easy to do, and it will be a fun time for you and your fellow football fans. So turn on your cable, get your TV ready and check out these affordable tips to help you throw a successful party!

  1. Invite your friends and fans: Make sure to invite your friends and football fans. An informal invitation over the phone is appropriate to tell everyone what time they should come over. Make sure you don’t invite too many guests or your house could get a little crowded!
  2. Create a good viewing area: Your guests came over to watch the game so make sure they can see it on the TV! You may have to re-position some of your furniture around the room to make room for your guests. You also want to make sure there are enough seats for everyone!
  3. Food and Drinks: Everyone expects to have food and drinks when they come to a party. Easy party foods are chips and dip, pizza, mini-sandwiches and other finger foods. You can also fire up the grill for burgers and hot dogs if it’s not too cold. Be sure to find out what your guests like to drink and make sure you get something for everyone.
  4. Spread it out: As you set up your house for the party, remember that there will be many people there at once. A good way to make sure it doesn’t get too crowded is to put the food and drinks in the kitchen rather than in the room where the game will be watched. This will spread out your guests and prevent everyone from being in the same room at one time.
  5. Decorations: Make sure your house is decorated for the occasion. If you and your friends are cheering on a specific team, try to have some decorations that support your allegiance. Napkins, plates, signs and small banners are great decorations for showing pride for your team. Don’t get too fancy, it’s just a game-watching party!
  6. Parking: With all your friends coming to your house at once, there could be some parking issues. To prevent these issues, tell your friends where to park ahead of time and make sure you have enough spots around your house for everyone.
  7. Don’t forget about the kids: Let your guests know if they can bring their kids with them. If the kids come, make sure they have a supervised area where they can play around!
  8. Remember your pets: If you have dogs or other pets, make sure they don’t get in the way! It could be too crowded for them and your guests might not want them around. If your backyard is fenced-in and the weather is good, it’s easy to just keep them outside.
  9. Extra food and drinks: Be sure you don’t run out of food or drinks! It’s much better to have some extra food and drinks after the party than to run out while your guests are still there. So stock up!
  10. Clean, Clean, Clean: It’s always good to have a clean house, especially when you have company over! When your house is clean, it looks nicer and bigger. So be sure to clean for your guests. You will probably have to do some extra cleaning after the party too!
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