Inspired by Hotels: How to Make Your Bedroom a Getaway

BY contributor | Sun Sep 29, 2013

What makes a weekend getaway so great? If you said the hotel room, you are not alone. For many, the most relaxing part of getting away is walking into a luxurious hotel room that spells relaxation no matter how you look at it. From the crisp sheets and decadent towels to the uncluttered appearance that leaves no reminders of work or kids, a hotel room is the perfect escape from the stresses of the big bad world. Now, wouldn’t it be perfect if you could have that escape every night? Check out these tips to transform your bedroom into a perfect getaway that won’t even require packing a bag!

Clean the Slate

One of the first steps to creating a stress-relieving getaway in your own bedroom is to remove all traces of the stresses in your life. If you have a desk in your bedroom, a stack of work files or even parenting magazines, it is time to kiss those stress-inducing items goodbye – at the very least, store them in other areas of your home. Keep the idea of a clean hotel room in mind as you stash your essentials away in clever boxes or well-chosen furniture.

The Centerpiece

Walk into any luxury suite and you will find the focal point of the room to be, without a doubt, the bed. As you envision how you want your personal luxury suite to appear, think of which looks appeal to you: perhaps clean lines such as this neutral headboard and white bed linens.

bedroom getaway1 Image credit: Efi Kalaitzidis

Or something more elaborate, like this elegant affair.

bedroom getaway2 Image credit: Happy Hotelier

If you are remodeling on a budget, creating your own headboard out of plywood and a creative covering is a fantastic way to craft an outstanding focal point for your room without breaking the bank.

Once you have decided on the bed, think about what to place above it. A simple piece of art? Draped linens? A beautiful masterpiece? Keep in mind the colors you want to draw into your room as you choose your piece.

Bed Coverings

Part of the beauty of a hotel room is the wonderful bed linens. Choose the sheets with the highest thread count that will fit in your budget. White is often a great choice, but colors work as well, depending on your overall scheme. Include a plush blanket and a gorgeous bedspread or duvet cover. Pillows are a must: lots of them. Soft, cushioned pillows with covers that match the sheets make for an excellent night’s sleep while throw pillows add to the ambiance.

Window Coverings

Almost any hotel suite will have thick, floor to ceiling window drapes. If you do not have large, picture windows or patio doors, choose floor to ceiling drapes to cover even the small windows; it will add to the luxurious feel of the room. If you like the look of sheers, layer those underneath the heavier curtains for those mornings when you cannot resist the appeal of the sun.

Seating for a Queen

Although you may plan on spending most of your time enjoying the comforts of your bed, extra seating is par for the course in any luxury room. If possible, arrange seating next to the windows as in this image

bedroom getaway3 Image credit: The Ridge Resorts

Bathroom Luxury

The first thing you will want to do in your bathroom is find a place to stash your essentials. Hopefully, you accomplished that earlier when we discussed eliminating clutter, but if you did not, now is the time to apply those organizational skills to the bathroom. Hotel rooms simply are not littered with a menagerie of perfumes, makeups, shaving creams and blow dryers. Use whatever storage methods necessary to ensure a clutter-free space. Here are a few bathroom musts.

  • Lots of light – Do not skimp on lighting in the bathroom. Make sure to have plenty of adjustable lighting over the mirror, and don’t forget over the tub/Jacuzzi. You just might have the desire to read a magazine in there.
  • Fluffy towels – Splurge here if you budget allows. Get the softest, fluffiest towels possible in a color that coordinates with the bedroom.
  • Classy faucets – Sink faucets make the room. Find some that you love.
  • Jacuzzi tub – Go ahead. You will not regret it.

Last, but not Least

Think of the little things that make a hotel suite a special place. A coffee maker? Many of the pod-type coffee makers are great additions to a bedroom. Include some of your favorite late-night snacks and, best of all, a small refrigerator, perhaps built into a cabinet to store some wine, beer or even just a few soft drinks.

When it comes to luxury, the beauty is in the details. Whether you go with a modern, trendy style or something more romantic and traditional, find your groove, add some awesome details, and you will soon be basking in your very own luxury suite enjoying a getaway that couldn’t be any closer to home.

Lorena Starkey lives and works in beautiful Minot, ND in the hospitality industry, specializing in making people comfortable. Give a big North Dakota hello to her at the Minot Hyatt House or stop by her Google+ profile

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