5 Ways to Save Money by Driving an Eco-Friendly Car

eco friendly carGuest post by Shaun Chatman.

With an eco-friendly car, you can save money in places other than the fuel pump. When your friends and neighbors see how much you can really save with an electric or hybrid vehicle, they’re probably going to be encouraged to go green themselves. Don’t miss any of these opportunities to cash in on your environmentally friendly habits.

1. Ask About Discounts Available to You

Of all the groups insurance companies evaluate, eco-friendly car owners are among the best risks. As a whole, these insured drivers take better care of their cars (as they do the environment). Electric car and hybrid drivers value their vehicles and this translates into fewer accidents and therefore lower premiums. In addition to discounts for driving an eco-friendly car, be sure to check on auto insurance discounts for seniors, good students, multi vehicles, and other savings you’re entitled to.

2. Compare Rates Among Insurance Companies

While public interest in environmentally friendly vehicles is growing, electric and hybrid car owners remain a small percentage of insured drivers. Since insurance companies evaluate risks over a given population of drivers (not just an individual driver) some companies are more forward thinking than others when it comes to pricing eco-friendly cars. Don’t assume the insurance company you’ve always used is one of those companies. Compare auto insurance companies to find an insurer willing to offer a good policy for a reasonable price.

3. Get Credit for Your Good Driving Habits

A 40-year-old driver with no accidents and tickets should get a sweet deal from his insurance company. Since most eco-friendly drivers are also safe drivers, you want to find a company willing to give you credit where credit is due. Ask about rebates for time lapsed without an accident. Also, consider lowering your rates by raising your deductible. .

4. Get Repairs Done Right

Your insurance company needs to understand that not all the garages on their list of approved repair shops are capable of working with an electric or hybrid car. If repairs aren’t done correctly, it will greatly reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. To make sure the investment you’re making in your eco-friendly car is treated right, choose an insurance company who’s willing to let you use a qualified repair shop, not just the cheapest garage in town.

5. Protect Your Good Driving Record

One Alabama driver had prided herself for years on her clean driving record. Then she was involved in two accidents in one year – neither of which were her fault. She didn’t learn until the following year when her insurance rates skyrocketed that these accidents had been mistakenly attributed to her fault on her motor vehicle report.

It took weeks to get the paperwork to prove these accidents weren’t her fault to her insurance company, and even then her MVR (motor vehicle report) still showed her at fault. This limited her ability to shop for a better insurance policy until the accidents rolled off her report. Moral to the story? Know what’s on your MVR and identify inaccuracies as soon as possible. Mistakes can cost hundreds of dollars per year on your insurance premiums.

Usually, you get what you ask for. Don’t forego taking the steps to assure you’re getting everything you deserve from driving an eco-friendly car, especially when it comes to holding a fatter pocketbook.





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