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BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Sep 20, 2012

I am a big television fan. I love to watch TV all the time. Movies, regular episodes, reruns, miniseries, it does not matter to me. I will watch it. I am not as big on sports, though I do watch the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl. Sometimes I even tune in for baseball or golf if it is nearing the end of the season. But, needless to say, I enjoy my TV time. To that end, I have had several different types of television service. I have had the old stand-by rabbit ears (when those were still around), cable, and satellite television service. So, I am in a good position to tell you my experiences from these services and which one offered the best deal for the price.

As for internet service, nowadays that is kind of tied into most of your television services. They go hand in hand. I have had dial up, phone line, cable, and even satellite internet. I have even had internet through my cell phone company. While I detail my television experiences, I will share with you the issues I have had with the internet as well. Sometimes they are together and sometimes they are apart, but they are always joined in my thinking.

First of all, let us start with the old school stuff. Most of us have moved beyond dial up internet and regular television, for good reason. Basic television is very limited. You only get a few channels and most older televisions require a digital converter to get anything these days. No more cheap rabbit ears; the digital converters start at forty dollars and go up in price from there. When the conversion first happened, the government offered a car to offset the price, but that is not around anymore. Thankfully, a lot of the newer televisions come with digital converters built in so you do not have to buy an extra set. However, what is the point of a new television if you are only going to get a few fuzzy channels?

Dial up internet is the same way. Most new computers do not even come with a phone cord plug. They think you have to have Ethernet at the very least. The era of using your phone company for internet is long past. Many pages online will not even load over such a slow connection and you definitely can’t watch video or play games online with it. Yes, you can get dial up for a very affordable price, but is it really worth it? I think not.

Upgrading to internet through cell phone or satellite companies is better, but not by much. Many times the signal is easy to lose or is just not as strong as you need it to be. Yes, it is more portable, which is great for people on the go with their laptops, but still it is really not worth the effort if you like to play games, watch videos, or download big files online.

The best, fastest, and most affordable way to get internet access that I have found is through the cable company. That is especially true if you live in a metropolitan area and have access to the fiber optic cables that most cable companies have been upgrading to over the past few years. Lightning fast internet for an affordable price is always a great thing. I do not even pay for the highest speeds because my computer cannot access internet that fast! Now, that is saying something. If you are in the market for super-fast internet with speedy download and uploading capabilities I highly recommend cable.

As for television, it is a little more ambiguous. Like I said, I have some unusual tastes when it comes to television. I love to watch classic films, foreign films, British TV, science fiction, children’s cartoons, anime, and lots of other stuff. I am not so hot on sports and the big networks. So, what I think is great might not be your cup of tea. I will, however, share what I think about satellite versus cable.

First of all, I loved cable television. The picture was always clear, the signal was hardly ever cut off, and I could add channels or programming with ease. However, there were also cords snaking all over my house and yard and the shallow way they buried them in the yard meant that every time we mowed was an adventure. If the cable was cut or frayed you had big problems and had to call them out. I also did not get a DVR or any perks for free. Everything was pretty much basic unless you paid much more money. They had a lot of picky fees too, which added up each month. What finally got me to change to satellite, however, was when they cut down the channels I actually watched and replaced them with sports. Okay, if you love sports than that was probably a good thing, but for me I was really upset. They also took away some channels from the standard package and wanted me to pay extra to get them back. No thank you!

That is when I switched to satellite television. The first thing I found is that it is just a little cheaper, which is great. They also do not have a bunch of cords everywhere. They offer fewer channels, but they are the ones I actually watch. They do have sports, but I can choose not to pay for them if I do not watch them, which is fine with me! It is a little harder to use their programming to add, remove, or search for channels and I hate the way everything is spread out and repeated a thousand times. Another thing that can get annoying is when the television has to reconnect to the satellite. That can take a few minutes and is frustrating when you are in a hurry to see your favorite show.

The satellite company did offer a DVR for a low monthly fee, but I found it to be very annoying because it is shared between two TVs. When you record on one TV, the other person has to watch what you are recording! They said a DVR is made for when you are out of the house, but still, what a pain. It is a good value, however, because the price never changes from month to month. I also got the premium channels for free for three months when I signed up, so that is pretty good too.

Okay, well there you have it. These are my experiences with finding affordable and useful internet and television in my home. Depending on where you live, you may have more or less options. Like I said, I recommend cable for your internet and either one for your television, but you may have a bundle deal that can save you money. Check with your local service providers to see what deals they can offer. You definitely want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Good luck and have fun surfing the net and the channels!

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