Sun-Sational: 4 Backyard Necessities For The Ultimate Summer

BY Kristen Fowler | Tue Jun 06, 2017
Sun-Sational: 4 Backyard Necessities For The Ultimate Summer

Summer is here, and with it the desire to spend a lot more time outside and in your backyard than during other times of the year. But what if your backyard is particularly boring? What can you install in it to get better use out of it this summer? We’re going to go over four backyard necessities you’re going to need for the ultimate summer.

1. Deck Or Patio

What good is summer in your backyard if you don’t really have a good place to sit and enjoy it? Decks, especially aesthetically-pleasing ones, can actually add a lot of value onto your home and are an excellent place to host company. There are plenty of deck designs and materials to choose from to create your ideal outside base of operations. You can take this a step further from the standard wooden deck or simple concrete patio and create a full outdoor cozy space complete with fireplace. Be sure to equip your deck or patio with the appropriate furniture and tables so you can eat outside and bask in the lovely weather.

2. Pool Or Spa

Pools can be expensive to install and maintain, but for the ultimate summer, having one in your backyard is non-negotiable. With a pool, you can have epic pool parties and be the envy of the neighborhood. You can either install an in-ground or above ground pool, both of which have their pros and cons. Pool decks can even serve as a second patio with their own particular designs and uses. To take this a step further, you can even create a little spa of your own just off your back porch by including a Jacuzzi and lounge chairs in with your pool plans. Be sure that any pool or spa you install is maintained properly, has the legally-required fence encircling it and is treated with the right spa chemicals in order to remain safe.

3. Barbecue

No summer is complete without grilling. And to do that properly, you need to have a barbecue. While there are very nice, pricey grill sets available out there, barbecues don’t have to be expensive. You can likely find a used one for a very reasonable or cheap price. However, one with all the bells and whistles, such as a side burner, warming rack and side shelves might be more to your liking. Be on the lookout for sales – most stores hold occasional big sales on barbecues in preparation for the season or at the end of the season, which can lead to you snagging a really good deal.

4. Play Equipment

Kids want to play outside during summer, and so you’re going to need the backyard equipment to keep them entertained. If you have younger kids, swing sets, playgrounds and sandboxes are a recipe for endless hours of summer fun. If you have older children or teenagers, purchasing or creating your own sports equipment (like soccer goals) can be a way to encourage them to exercise as well as practice for the sports they’re sure to be playing. Even adults can get in on the fun with trampolines or a croquet set. If you’re more the type to relax outdoors and read, set up a hammock – you can get ones that don’t require trees. Remember to play it safe and don’t allow anyone to try anything too dangerous.

Summer is the time for amazing outdoor experiences, so why not turn your own backyard into the ultimate summer getaway? But it can’t be the ideal summer playground without the right ingredients present. Be sure to include the backyard necessities outlined above to truly prepare your home for the ultimate summer.

Guest Author Bio: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer based out of Boston. 

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