Apartment Security Tips for Students: Part 1

BY Kristen Fowler | Fri Mar 31, 2017
Apartment Security Tips for Students: Part 1

Apartment security is a major concern for students who just moved to a new city and a new apartment. But, don’t fret there are several key ways to protect yourself. For starters, test the apartments entrance points before you move in–windows, doors and locks. You’ll want to report any issues to property management before signing any documents regarding the apartments condition. And, make sure these issues are addressed. If you don’t, you’ll be unsafe and likely liable for damage you didnt do. Renters insurance is also a must. Many plans are only about $20 per month and cover full replacement costs for all of your belongings in the event of theft or other disaster.You may also want to look into paying slightly more for flood and water damage coverage, but if that is a risk where you live than it is well worth it.

Come back soon for part two where we’ll discuss tools and technology for apartment security.

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