Spring Lawn Care: Top 4 Tips for a Beautiful Yard

BY Kristen Fowler | Fri Mar 10, 2017
Spring Lawn Care: Top 4 Tips for a Beautiful Yard

Spring lawn care is key for homeowners who want to enjoy their lawns during the summer, as you need to begin working on landscaping well before the weather warms up. Here are our top four “beautiful yard”┬átips you can use to ensure that your lawn, bushes, and trees remain healthy and beautiful in the coming months.

Remove Thatch

Thatch is the decaying natural material that prevents sunlight from getting to your lawn and lower shrubbery. This material should not be removed until the weather has begun to warm up and the nighttime temperatures no longer drop below freezing. Homeowners who want to make the most out of their thatch can pile it into an aerated bin and turn it into compost for the end of the year. You can further enrich your compost by adding scraps from your kitchen such as rinds and eggshells.

Have The Bushes And Trees Trimmed

All homeowners should consider having their trees and bushes professionally trimmed at least once a year. Those who try to trim their own foliage could potentially damage the branches and prevent them from flowering during the summer. Larger trees that are closer to structures might need to be trimmed as often as once every few months to prevent limbs from damaging the home. Regularly trimming your branches will also allow you to direct the growth and improve the shape of the trees.

Prepare Your Soil

Before you use any fertilizers, you should first test your soil to get a better idea of the pH levels. Testing kits are easy to use, affordable, and can be purchased at most home improvement centers. Once you have tested the soil throughout your property, you can then pick the best fertilizer for your own needs. Most fertilizers contain a blend of natural ingredients that will alter the alkalinity and acidity of your soil to promote growth.

Eradicate Pests

Not only will pests wreak havoc on your lawn, but they could enter your home and put your family’s health at risk as well. Those who would like to avoid using harsh chemicals might be able to keep rodents and bugs off of their property with safer products such as coffee grounds, lime powder, and salt. You can also speak with your local exterminator to see if they use chemical-free products that are safe for homes with small children and pets.

Spring lawn care doesn’t need to be an expensive and time-consuming chore. Carrying out a little extra work during the spring will help you protect your yard from a myriad of issues such as dead patches of grass, pest infestations, and plant diseases. By following our tips above, you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful yard.

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