How to Rule at Back to School: 3 Smart Products

BY Allconnect Inc | Mon Aug 22, 2016
How to Rule at Back to School: 3 Smart Products

As summer quickly comes to its warm end, it’s time for every kid to head back to school once again. And year after year, your own children’s complaints about having to get up early, sit in a school desk all day, and then furiously do homework before having to go to sleep and do it all again just seem to grow worse and worse.

But what if you had some device that would make their learning both easier and more engaging? That would change everything, wouldn’t it?

3 Ways to Make Learning Easier and More Engaging

Nowadays, any sort of education that doesn’t embrace technology is already putting the students at a disadvantage. And what these smart devices all do well is integrate proven learning strategies with an advanced and enhanced mode of presentation. So, keep reading below to see how you can set you kids up for success.

#1) SolidTek DigiMemo Digital Notepad

digital notepad
SolidTek DM-L2 DigiMemo L2 8-1/2-by-11-Inch Digital Notepad

Think back to when you were a kid in school, flipping through notebook after paper notebook filled with your scribblings. Ever wished that there was an easier way to extract a page from them, without having to literally tear it out, hand copy it, or find a sacred Xerox machine? Well, with the SolidTek DigiMemo Digital Notepad, saving and sharing your (and your kids’) handwritten notes has never been easier.

Now there are many tablets that already have the ability to record your handwriting if you use a stylus in conjunction with an app. But what makes the SolidTek DigiMemo stand out is that this notepad can digitally record your handwritten notes with ordinary paper. Simply write with an actual inking pen on regular paper and the DigiMemo will record it both in hard and soft copy. You can even scan documents or forms (with a separate scanner) and insert them as a background in the DigiMemo software, making it a phenomenal tool for filling out applications and other forms.

It boasts a larger writing area of 8” x 11” (that’s full letter size), and the 32 MB built-in memory stores 1000 pages of notes, with the CompactFlash expansion slot allowing for even more. The included DigiMemo Manager software lets you view, edit, and organize all your digital pages once you’ve used its USB port to plug it into your computer and upload your notes. (The notepad can also function as a graphic tablet once you’ve plugged it into a computer – synchronizing your writing on the paper with the writing on the screen.) Your digital pages can then be saved in a number of formats, letting easily share them with others; or highlight, annotate, and edit them yourself.

The notepad is light and thin (weighing only 4lbs), so it isn’t uncomfortable to hold or use. And it takes only 4 regular AAA batteries to power the notepad for about 100 hours, and the unit automatically shuts down after 30 idle minutes. This smarter notepad is both reliable and well worth the price for all the learning it will undoubtedly help occur.

#2) Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle

kindle voyage
Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle

The kids will undoubtedly have a lot of reading to do for all their classes this year, so why not literally lighten their loads by giving them books in digital format? With a Kindle Voyage, the kids can now easily learn anytime, anywhere – without having to lug around a big, old, paper tomes. And this bundle includes everything they’d need to learn on the go – the latest Kindle Voyage 6” E-Reader, a Leather Origami Cover, and the 5W Power Adapter.

Amazon’s thinnest Kindle ever was passionately crafted for readers. Its high-resolution 300ppi display screen reads even more like the printed page. The new, adaptive front light provides ideal brightness, day or night, and this auto-brightness setting can also be manually adjusted. In size, the Voyage is slightly smaller than other e-readers on the market, making it easier for the kids to slip into their backpacks. And with the new PagePress feature, Amazon has reimagined how we flip pages. The kids now simply have to press or squeeze the bottom of the device’s edges and, voila, their pages have turned – all without ever lifting a finger. It’s not a button, but a pressure sensor, and it comes with three settings for sensitivity.

Beyond that, the Voyage’s battery lasts for weeks, not hours. It also comes pre-loaded with a free, 30 day-trial of Kindle Unlimited free, allowing your steadfast students the chance to choose from over 1 million titles to entertain and enlighten themselves. And with respect to the Origami Protective Leather Cover, it’s beautiful, it’s slick, and it’s comfortable to hold. Not only does it protect the Voyage, but it’s also really convenient as a stand, which is great for propping up the Kindle when reading while eating. And the cover’s best feature is that it attaches to the Voyage magnetically, making it super easy for the kids to detach and reattach it on those on-the-run adventures.

#3) FastFox LCD LED Portable Projector

LCD LED Projector
FastFox LCD LED Portable Projector

Does your daughter need to draw a wall-sized mural for an art project? Does your son need to make edits to his film class final, and needs to see how it’ll look on the big screen? Do you want to project some of your family home videos to keep on properly embarrassing them as they get older? If so, then the FastFox LED Projector will hit the sweet spot for your family.

This projector has a number of standout features. It boasts a LCD Display Imaging System with a 640×480 native resolution to provide clear pictures, 800 Lumens of brightness, 720p video support, and 20000 Hours of LED lamp life – so it won’t burn out like so many other projector bulbs. Oh, and you can connect nearly anything to it. There are 6 kinds of inputs (HDMI / VGA / USB / TV / AV / SD Card) right on the projector itself for getting your favorite movies, videos, and video games onto the big screen. These slots make it possible to easily connect a desktop, notebook, tablet, DVD player, Wii, XBOX, PS4, MP3 player, or digital camera to the projector.

There are also built-in speakers that offer pretty decent sound, but the 3.5mm audio output port also allows you to plug in an additional speaker system. You can adjust the lens’ focus manually, easily change the 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratio, and at only 2.40lbs, it’s so lightweight that you can carry it anywhere. That’s right, this projector is built to be portable, since it can run on an external battery, letting you watch video completely “off the grid.” So toss this in your backpack or luggage, easily forget it’s there, and keep on embarrassing the kids – like a good parent should – on vacation, while camping, at an outdoor party, or anywhere else you want.

So the next time you’re packing everything up for another day of school, keep in mind how you can help the kids become even better learners – by enabling them to learn more with the aid of smarter technology.

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