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How Spring Weather Creates New Home Security Issues [Video]

BY Allconnect Inc | Mon Mar 06, 2017
How Spring Weather Creates New Home Security Issues [Video]

Hey, homeowners. Did you know that spring creates new home security issues that you and your family may be overlooking?

That’s right, although warm weather is a chance to enjoy some fun in the sun, it can also create new opportunities for burglars, too. Folks around the country may be heading to the beach or lake without first shoring up their home’s security. Likewise, some families may open the windows to let in some fresh air, but fail to lock them before heading to bed.

Follow these tips and be sure to not let your guard down just because of the nice weather:

1. Lock Doors and Windows: When the temperatures rise, it’s tempting to leave doors and windows open to let in the fresh air. Enjoy the spring weather all you want, but be sure to lock the doors and windows before you leave your home or go to sleep at night. Taking the time to double check your doors and windows will not only protect your home from potential threats it will also give you peace of mind.

2. Put Outdoor Tools and Toys Away: With spring on the way, you’re going to be spending more time outdoors. Whether you’re doing yard work, biking around the neighborhood, or finally playing with those new outdoor toys you got for Christmas, there’s a good chance you may forget to bring your tools or toys back inside when you finish using them. To protect your things from getting stolen, be sure to bring them back inside or lock them up in your garage or shed. You’d be surprised by how many items are stolen from yards every year.

3. Vacation Securely: Going out of town for spring break? Beware that spring breaks and vacations are burglars favorite time of year. With most of the neighborhood out of town, it’s a perfect time to prey on homes that are not secured properly. Keep your home safe while on vacation by turning on your security alarm system and locking all doors and windows, keeping an extra car parked out in the driveway to create the appearance that your home, using a lighting timer to schedule a few lights to go on at night, and (if possible) have a neighbor or friend check on your home a few times while you’re gone.

4. Invest in Outdoor lighting: A dark, unlit home is tempting to intruders. Security lighting around your home makes your home much less appealing to a burglar. You’ll want to make sure that all “blind spots” around your home are covered by security lighting, so make sure to place lighting on the back and sides of your home as well as in the front. Sensor lights are great for home security as intruders are much more likely to run if their motion triggers a light to turn on.

5. Order a Home Security System: The best way to ensure your home is properly protected from burglars this spring, is to invest in a home security system. While the above tips are great preventative practices, nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with installing a home security system. While you may not want to add home security to your list of monthly bills, there are actually many affordable options out there. For help finding a home security service that is right for you, click the home security tab above. We’ll help you compare providers and plans available at your address.

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