Why spring is a great time to move [Video]

For homeowners excited about making a move, waiting for summer could be a mistake. Turns out, opting to change homes in the spring may actually be easier.

Most Americans move during the summer months, which means the availability of moving companies can be limited. Likewise, humid weather or powerful storms can complicate the entire process. Instead, spring offers relaxing conditions and a less competitive atmosphere. Best of all, you and your family can settle in to a new home just in time to enjoy the entirety of summer. 

{marker} Spring is all about new beginnings, so for anyone who can, consider making a move sooner rather than later, and stay with the Allconnect blog for more homeowner tips!

One thought on “Why spring is a great time to move [Video]

  1. Out in our area in California, summer is the absolute worst time to move. The heat reaches over triple digits consistently and it can be a real pain to set up your new home during that time. So I totally agree with spring being the best time to move.

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