Avoid these common sources of electricity waste for fall savings

Budgets are always stretched thin during the holidays. Between the gift giving season and large family dinners, you’ll have to reduce the rest of your expenses to keep your costs from growing out of control. Thankfully, there are several steps that any homeowner can take to bring down their monthly bills as the end of the year draws near, especially with regards to electricity use.

In fact, there may be multiple instances of electricity waste occurring in your home that have gone overlooked. Addressing these inefficiencies will ultimately shrink your monthly bill, and these savings can go toward covering the extra costs that come with the season.

“Curtail space heater use to prevent a drain on your savings.”

Maximize space heating to minimize electricity consumption
A space heater can provide immediate relief to a chill-filled room, but the appliances can also soak up tons of extra electricity if they are used too liberally. That’s why it makes sense to curtail the use of space heaters when the cost of your electricity bill begins to drain your savings.

First and foremost, remember that space heaters are not an effective replacement for central heating. Plugging in a heater in every room, for example, will cause your electric bills to skyrocket without heating your home efficiently. Likewise, using a space heater and your central heating simultaneously to quicken the process of warming your home will generate extra waste. The heat generated by your electric heater interferes with the central heater thermometer, resulting in both heat sources operating longer than necessary.

Upgrade aging string lights with energy-efficient LEDs
Putting up string lights and other types of electric decorations is an annual tradition for many families during the holiday season. Unfortunately, this yearly tradition doubles as a major source of electricity waste that homeowners often take for granted. On the bright side, you can avoid this waste without forgoing the chance to decorate by upgrading your lights.

Modern LED string lights deliver all the seasonal decorating flexibility of their fluorescent predecessors while consuming considerably less electricity. The Department of Energy stated that LED holiday lights are also safer and more durable than traditional incandescent bulbs. This switch can produce serious savings depending on how often you plug in your lights. Considering just how often holiday lights go on during the holidays, it’s no surprise that hooking up LED strings can go a long way toward helping you offset the season’s extra costs.

Resolve electricity waste to cut down on holiday season spending.

Control waste by tagging your home’s top energy hogs
Another common source of household electricity waste that homeowners commonly overlook is energy hogging appliances that draw power even after they’ve been switched off. Finding a way to conveniently and efficiently unplug these items will help you keep your electric costs to a minimum. Before these reductions can take place, however, you must identify which appliances in your home are guilty of over consumption. National Geographic noted that set top boxes, video game consoles, microwave ovens and battery chargers are major offenders in most households.

Consider ways to wire your home’s energy hogs to the same powerstrip or outlet. Arranging your electronics in this way will make it easy to cut these electricity wasters from the source with a simple flip of the switch. Alternatively, you can use home automation to make this process even simpler. A smart power strip and right apps make it possible to program appliances to turn off and on automatically based on the family’s schedule. Once these and other changes are made around the house, energy waste and excessive electricity bills will be a thing of the past.

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