9 Television shows to watch for this spring

BY Allconnect Inc | Sun Jan 24, 2016
9 Television shows to watch for this spring

The early part of 2016 is expected to see the release of some highly anticipated programs along with the return of your favorite shows. This likely has folks around the country reaching out to their cable and Internet providers to ensure they don’t miss out on any of the action.

Here are a few of the biggest shows that will be available on cable this spring.

1. ‘American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson’
According to IMDB, this program is a chilling recount of one of the most famous crimes in recent memory. Cuba Gooding Jr. stars as O.J. Simpson, while David Schwimmer, John Travolta, Nathan Lane and Selma Blair headline a star-studded cast.

The program airs on FX and is an interesting addition to the real crime drama trend that has taken the country by storm. “The People vs O.J. Simpson” will likely challenge everything you thought you knew about the bizarre and tragic story.

“The People vs O.J. Simpson” promises to be a gripping drama.

2. ‘Man Seeking Woman’
This clever comedy starring Jay Baruchel has returned for a second season on FXX. Baruchel plays Josh, a charmingly relatable twenty-something who has a tumultuous love life, and his imagination and stubborn antics often get the best of him.

According to TV Series Finale, the show had a modest following over the course of its first season. It is a fresh and unique comedy worth checking out.

3. ‘The Real O’Neals’
This new sitcom follows a Catholic family living out a modern American life. Eileen O’Neal, the family’s matriarch, tries to hold things together as she puts up with her children and their usual teenage antics. ABC All Access stated that this happy family is challenged when the youngest son makes a shocking revelation, among many other familiar storylines.

4. ‘Superstore’
While ABC is unveiling a new comedy this spring, NBC’s “Superstore” already has people around the country hooked. Another workplace comedy, “The Office” producer Justin Spitzer shows us the hilarious daily struggles of the various employees of “Cloud 9,” a fictitious big-box store.

Similar shows such as “Parks and Recreation” and “Community” have done well for NBC in the past, and Hollywood Reporter stated “Superstore” has an opportunity to do the same.

5. ‘Broad City’
While ABC and NBC are sporting new family-friendly shows, Comedy Central is bringing back its wildly edgy “Broad City.”

“A guest appearance by Hilary Clinton figures to boost the ratings.”

The show follows Ilana and Abbi, two Millennials trying to make sense of adulthood in New York City. Co-created by Amy Poehler, the show is expected to continue its success as it premiers its third season. A guest appearance by Hilary Clinton figures to boost the ratings as well.

This program is uproariously funny, but certainly requires a different sense of humor than traditional TV comedies. Like “Man Seeking Woman,” it is most popular with younger audiences.

Still, it is one of the shows that may be worth making an extra call to your cable and Internet provider, because you certainly do not want to miss it.

6. ‘Of Kings and Prophets’
While there are a number of great comedies that will be available this spring, there are also intriguing and brave new drama series. ABC’s “Of Kings and Prophets,” which was originally slated for the fall, captures the violence and raw humanity of the Bible, according to Laughing Place.

Filmed in South Africa, the show uses breathtaking scenery and strong acting in dramatic fashion. Laughing Place reported the show is likely going to challenge viewers because of its unique interpretation of the Bible.

7. ‘Heartbeat’
This new medical drama is uniquely character driven, according to NBC, and stars Melissa George as Dr. Alex Panttiere, a famous female surgeon in a field otherwise dominated by men. Falling somewhere between fearless and stubborn, Dr. Panttiere has an intriguing personal life outside of dealing with her demanding job and sometimes challenging staff.

8. ‘Rush Hour’
After a successful film series that spanned three movies and millions of dollars in box office revenue, “Rush Hour” has been readapted for television audiences. IGN stated that CBS’s new show will do just fine and won’t need a horde of “Rush Hour” fans to be successful.

The program doesn’t premier until late March, but is sure to be a fun ride when it does.

9. ‘Fear the Walking Dead’
Last year, the makers of the incredibly popular AMC series “The Walking Dead” finally gave its followers a glimpse at the early stages of the story’s zombie apocalypse. While “The Walking Dead” has been centered around the fallout from the initial zombie outbreak, the spin-off, “Fear the Walking Dead,” has shown fans just how things played out.

As Cinema Blend reported, the April premier is earlier than many fans expected, but puts the show squarely in competition with HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” It will be a real testament to the show’s following if it can keep up with “Thrones” this spring.

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