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8 Ways to be the Coolest House in Your New Neighborhood this Halloween

In one form or another, Halloween has been celebrated since the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. But back then, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghouls from their homes. Nowadays, we want to attract these friendly ghosts to our doors to make the most of the holiday. And we’ve got 8 great ways for you to do just that, as well as make a great impression if you’re new to the neighborhood.

Hand Out Full-Sized Candy Bars

The kids in your neighborhood know what they’re after – the biggest pile of all the best candy. So give the people what they want! Because if you’re the house on the street that becomes known for dishing out the goods, you’ll quickly build a great rep for yourself. Be that cool grownup; make your treats memorable.

As a bonus, this’ll keep your new front door safe from getting egged and your trees TP-free for years to come. It’ll also ensure invitations to all block parties, pot lucks, and holiday open houses in the months upcoming. Think of it as an investment in your future social calendar.

Bring the Haunted House to Your Own Home

Many folks like to go out to “official” haunted houses to scare themselves to death. But if you can create the homebrew experience, then you’ve already won the game. So, transform your new pad into an awesomely scary haunted house. Hold off on cleaning out the basement, throwing away the weird and random stuff the old inhabitants left, and embrace the cobwebs. Then, add to the supernatural surroundings with some decorations to create an eerie ambiance that’s unforgettable.

Side note: You may want to consider tailoring the theme and intensity level to the neighborhood demographics, just so that you don’t become the people who gave a bunch of toddlers nightmares.

Lure Them in with Fog Machines

You know why people are afraid of the dark? It’s not the absence of light that shakes their spines, but a fear of the unknown. And with fog, it works the same way – except that the haze can lure people in further simply out of curiosity to discover the truth. That’s why fog machines are so cool and alluring.

You can use your fog machine in a number of different ways to great effect, as it doesn’t take much to create a creepy, scary scene. Pop it in behind your front door so the smoke pours out when you greet trick-or-treaters. You can even set it up outside in either a giant witch’s cauldron or pumpkin. Get crafty with it and see where your imagination takes you.

Just beware the tiny kids and their delicate, tiny-kid hands prone to sticking themselves in potentially dangerous places where they don’t belong.

Decorate Your Pumpkin

Sure, pumpkin carving has been a thing for everybody since we were all kids. You’ve carved your fair share of faces into jack-o-lanterns, animals into pumpkins, and scary words into decorative, seasonal gourds. But this year, you don’t even need to pull out the knives. Instead, use the pumpkin as your canvas and cover it in paint, glitter, and more glued-on oddities. Let your inner crafter out to play and decorate til your heart’s content. 

Dress Up the Pets

Sure, you’ve already got your costume covered, but what about Mr. Fluffigans? Doesn’t your pet deserve to get dressed up and enjoy his Halloween as well (even though he can’t have any chocolate)? You can even take your own costume to the next level by matching your pet’s to yours. Because, really, who doesn’t like their terrifying with a side a terribly adorable?

Throw a Themed Costume Party 

Sure, people have Halloween parties all the time. But not many people require dressing up, and fewer still make the entire party a themed one. To do so, think about a time period that had a distinctive style of dress. For example, bring the Roaring 20s back by throwing a soiree of Great Gatsby proportions. Want to take it all the way back to Elizabethan England and invoke the spirit of Shakespeare? That’s totally doable.

Just be sure you pick themed idea that’s known well enough for many folks to get in on the fun.

Host a Horror Movie Viewing Party

If you prefer a smaller crew on Halloween, line up a bunch of the best horror movies man has ever made to create a non-stop gore fest that’s creep-tastic to the max. You can mix in your personal collection of DVDs, horror movies on popular TV channels or On Demand, and maybe even a few ghost stories of your own.

Learn (and Perform) the Thriller Dance

Thriller is one of the greatest pop songs and dance choreographies known to man. And if you had gathered a group a folks, learned and performed one of his most famous songs, and then performed it in flash mob fashion, well, the ghost of Michael Jackson would be so proud. He might even moonwalk across the midnight sky for you.

So, this Halloween season, make your new home your own – as well as a standout stop for any trick-or-treaters. You’ll quickly move from “new kid on the block” to “really cool neighbor” by the time the ghosts return to their graves.

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