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8 Reasons why EVs are the Future

Guest post.

If you do a search for “electric vehicles” on Google, Facebook, or YouTube, you’ll get page after page of results. Some of the hits will be news items while others are opinion pieces. And of course, you’ll stumble upon all others sorts of content, whether they are videos, tweets or illustrations.

Below is an infographic created by Auto Loan Solutions that highlights the trends that have emerged as a result of electric cars growing in popularity, and what the future holds for these vehicles.

It’s a solid piece of content for those who are on the fence about EVs. These are the folks who see the potential value that EVs have, but wrestle with the various myths and misconceptions that skeptics promote.

For example, you’ve most likely heard the claim that low gas prices will “kill” the electric car. Or you may have seen more absurd claims, such as EVs failing because they have yet to surpass gasoline cars.

To address the first point, one needs to know that gasoline car sales tend to fluctuate, while EV sales have risen steadily. And even if prices were to drop, there’s not enough evidence to suggest that they would destroy the growing desire for electric cars.

As for EVs failing because they haven’t sold more than gasoline cars, all we can say is this – time. There’s no car technology that ever became standard overnight. Devices such as fuel injection and ABS are essentials now, but they have endured many years of iterations and improvements.

This infographic puts much of the myths and misconceptions to rest, bringing evidence of EV growth into the spotlight. It’s worth sharing with anyone who’s on the fence about electric car technology. Ultimately, you’ll find some interesting stats that will likely surprise you. So check it out!


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