8 easy projects for making your new house feel like a home

BY Allconnect Inc | Sat Feb 27, 2016
8 easy projects for making your new house feel like a home

Upgrading your home is a nice way to make things feel cozier, especially for families that have just moved in. Not only can these be fun projects for you and your family, but they can also make your home look nicer and may solve some nagging problems.

Any of these ideas are relatively straightforward but can make a big impact. If you just moved or feel ready to shake things up, try these eight easy home improvement projects.

1. Fix what’s broken
Before heading to a home decorating store or redesigning your living room layout, taking the time to fix a faulty sink or deal with any other home repair can go a long way toward making your house feel more like a home.

According to HouseLogic, simple tasks like dealing with a broken toilet or replacing an old ceiling fan are low-budget tips to improve your home.

2. Bring in something new
Another easy means of upgrading your home is to consider swapping out an old piece of furniture for a new one, or to bring a a different piece altogether. Replacing a couch or dining room table may be a bigger project, but replacing a coffee table or lamp that is past its prime is a quick way to freshen things up.

Adding a bookshelf or a new piece of wall art is another idea for transforming to transform a room in your house without breaking the bank.

A boring living room is uninspired and demands attention.A boring living room is uninspired and demands attention.

3. Try new colors
Sometimes just adding a chromatic splash into the equation can make your home feel more unique. Real Simple magazine stated that throw pillows, blankets or rugs are quick tools for adding color to a living room or bedroom.

For new homeowners, painting a room is a great means of making the house feel more your own. It’s a way to ad personality and pizzazz to a new home, as well as set the mood for a specific room.

4. Invest in a fish tank
Another fun idea to make your home feel cozier is to get a pet, and a fish tank is an easy way to do exactly that. Dogs and cats are major commitments and may damage the interior of your home, while a well-placed fish tank is a beautiful and interesting piece of decor. Your kids may really enjoy naming and looking after your new fish, and your home may feel a little nicer with the simple edition.

5. Splurge on your home Internet or cable
Sometimes the best way to feel cozy in your own home is to cuddle up as a family and watch a good movie online or on TV. Unfortunately, if your home has a slow connection, it can be impossible to make this a reality.

“Your kids may become frustrated with slow Internet.”

For that reason, contact your home cable and Internet providers and make sure your family has the bandwidth to support a nice night in. Likewise, having a reliable connection may be important for helping your family feel more comfortable in a new home.

Your kids may become frustrated with slow Internet when trying to do their homework, and after a long day of work, coming home to a limited television selection is less than ideal.

6. Improve your home’s natural lighting
A dark living room, kitchen or bedroom is not always very inviting, but simply by changing your curtains or blinds, it may be possible to let in natural light and change up the nature of an entire room. This will make each room feel more comfortable and shine light on some of your other home improvement projects.

Natural light is also helpful for anyone looking to cut back on your home electricity bill. Some families may find that the sunlight that comes into a room is more than enough, and that running a ceiling light or lamp during the day becomes unnecessary.

7. Bust out some photos
Your home isn’t just where you live, but where your family grows up. Celebrate your loved ones by adorning your home with framed pictures. Decorate the walls or a mantel with some photos from a vacation or a school picture. That new bookshelf you bought may also be livened up with a few well-placed photos of some loved ones.

8. Insulate drafty windows
Protecting your home from the weather isn’t just a winter pursuit. If you have a drafty window that doesn’t fully close or otherwise lets in gusty, cold air, not only can this be a real problem when it comes time to pay the bills, but it can undermine all of the steps you’ve taken to make your home more comfortable.

Sitting in a cold house is no fun, and fixing such a problem doesn’t have to be an expensive or difficult project. It can be done in one afternoon and the effects will be immediate.

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