7 Things to Know When Moving Out of State

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Feb 09, 2016
7 Things to Know When Moving Out of State

Changing homes can be a major life decision in and of itself, meaning that moving to a different state entirely is a very big deal. This may be due to a new employment opportunity, or perhaps you are moving closer to family. Either way, moving out of state can be an exciting but difficult transition.

Beyond making sure your family is prepared for the long journey, there are a few important tips to keep in mind ahead of the move and on the big day.

1. Do some research
Obviously you found out as much as possible about your new home, but according to Move Boxer, getting to know the neighborhood is important as well. Find out where the local grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies are in relation to your new home. Similarly, it may be fun for your family to visit a nearby park or new school to get a better sense of the community and feel more involved.

“Visit a nearby park or new school to get a better sense of the community.”

Once you arrive, do something exciting as a family. Check out a neighborhood restaurant or see if there are any other family-friendly activities to try. This can help make the move more enjoyable for your little ones.

2. Get rid of a few things ahead of the move
Aside from making the move more enjoyable, there are plenty of logistical obstacles to navigate ahead of moving out of state. Updater reported that to make things easier for yourself, you should try to pare down the amount of stuff you’ll be moving ahead of time.

Odds are your attic or basement has a few things that can be thrown out, and from there, it may be helpful to find items that can be donated or given to family or friends.

3. Vet your moving company
Because moving out of state can be such a major ordeal, picking the right moving company is very important. Angie’s List reported that being diligent with a search is critical, and the first step is to make sure your moving company is licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This ensures the company has the right insurances and up-to-date registration.

Ask a lot of questions when selecting the right company. Often your belongings may be split between multiple trucks. Ask for a precise breakdown of the moving itinerary to keep track of everything.

4. Nail down a schedule
Along with picking the right company, asking questions is important because moving out of state can be a lengthy process. Updater stated that it can take nearly two weeks for all of your belongings to be delivered in some cases, and for that reason, gathering as much information as possible will help your family prepare accordingly.

Likewise, check with your cable and Internet providers and other utility companies to make sure your home is fully up and running when you arrive.

5. Keep your valuables with you
Angie’s List stated that it is essential to pack your car with all of your valuable and important items. Things like medications and important documents such as birth certificates or passports should be kept on you in case something happens to the moving truck. The same can be said of expensive items like laptops or jewelry.

Packing the car with items such as tape, box cutters and basic kitchen utensils is also a good idea according to Angie’s List. Think ahead and bring anything that may be useful during your first night in your new home. Sleeping bags and pillows may even be necessary depending on the schedule you and your moving company come up with.

6. Look for ways to cut costs
Moving out of state can quickly become very expensive. Setting up a new home may require buying a few new items, and Updater stated that the cost of shipping your belongings to a new state can cost upwards of $14,000.

Limiting the total number amount of stuff being shipped or selecting a weekday can help lower the moving costs overall, and small things that lower your overall expenses can add up quickly. For example, use recycled packing materials if possible.

For really ambitious homeowners, a yard sale can be a great way to reduce clutter and will go a long way toward making packing an easier task. If you can get rid of a few pieces of bulky furniture, this may help lower your total moving cost and give you a little bit of spending money for the trip.

7. Write it off
Move Boxer stated that many of the costs associated with moving can be written off on your taxes. Keep a detailed record of your costs throughout the moving process and check with the IRS for specific forms related to moving. Donated items can also be important during tax season.

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