6 Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Nov 22, 2012

6 Ways to Save Money on Your UtilitiesThere are many ways you can save on various utilities in the home. New technologies and advancements are giving us more options for many services that we didn’t have previously. For those who are on a strict budget, or simply want to save money on utility bills, here are a few ways that you can enjoy your home while living with affordable utility payments.

1. Lighting – Florescent and LED bulbs have grown to be quite popular. A 13-watt LED or florescent bulb can produce as much light as a 60-watt version of their traditional counterpart. The upfront cost for these bulbs can be much higher than traditional ones, but the savings in electricity over the guaranteed 5-year life span is worth the money.

2. Television – There are millions of people who spend a great deal of money every month on some kind of cable or satellite entertainment. Using the Internet, you can diminish that bill by 90% or more, depending on the services you have. As many television shows and movies are available online, cable and satellite services are nearly pointless. Websites such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more stream media to your computer, game consoles, and mobile devices for far less than what you spend on cable and satellite.

3. Water – There are many ways to save money on water, and some of these you may never have thought of before. We all know that taking showers instead of baths are more efficient for both water usage and cleanliness, but what else is there that can save you money? Low-flow toilets are quite common place as they use less water per flush. Energy efficient washer and dryer combinations can save electricity, water, and have better cleaning abilities in some cases. Water-timers are an efficient way to keep your outdoor plant-life alive while reducing waste. Visit your local hardware store and explore some of the possibilities for home improvement regarding your water.

4. Gas – There are many ways you can save on gas usage within the home. As many water-heaters are gas powered, reducing the overall temperature could help in the amount of gas consumed in order to heat the water. Better yet, replacing the standard water-heater tank with a tankless unit could save you even more. Since there is no tank to store hot water, the gas or electricity constantly used to keep it at a certain temperature is non-existent. Water is heated as it is needed. No more keeping the water hot even if you’re away for a weekend if you’re using a tankless water heater.

5. General Electricity – Although lighting falls into the whole electrical scheme of a home, this is more generalized. Appliances such as televisions, computers, stoves, fridges and more use a lot of electricity. There are timers that you can install on your power sockets that automatically cut power at a per-determined time of the day. This is not only a great method to reduce power to certain appliances that don’t require constant power connections, but it can be used to limit the use of games consoles, televisions, and more from children to enforce homework times and the like.

6. Phone Services – Many households utilize pre-paid cell phones as their main form of telecommunication. These pre-paid phones can be extremely cost effective to use, providing you can be reluctant to abuse the minutes provided. If you keep phone calls to a minimum and emergency only, the pre-paid phone could cost you as little as $15 per month in some areas.

These are just a few ways of how you can save money and still enjoy the simple things in life. Being on a strict budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. When looking for new ways to save money, be creative and explore possibilities. There are new products developed all the time to help you save. Research various means to accomplish your goals and enjoy yourself.

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