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BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Nov 15, 2013

biggest energy sinks in your homeGuest post by Fehu Othala.

Saving energy is becoming a very important notion in modern society. This is mostly because in the recent years, people have started to become aware of the underlying environmental risks and problems. As a result, a lot of federations and groups have been formed to inform people about this and urge them to try and cut down on their energy uses. There is a lot more to that topic, but we’re not going to focus on it, in our current article. We’re here to talk about another reason that makes energy saving important. It’s a very simple, practical reason that many people are concerned about – the electricity bills.

In a modern home, there is a plethora of electrical devices that run for many hours, some even non-stop – 24/7, all of which consume quite a bit of energy. While they aren’t designed to use too much electricity on their own, it quickly adds up with the amount of devices. This results in a slow but steady increase in your bills.
First of all, have a quick look around your home. There are a ton of devices that consume quite a bit of energy, but since we are so used to living with them, people rarely know where to look first. Every modern home usually has a one or more computers, TVs a central heating system, a bunch of kitchen utilities and cleaning equipment. All of these consume electricity to work and in most cases you can adjust them, to reduce their energy intake. Obviously, we are not talking about complicated changes that require in-depth knowledge about the given products, but simple basic adjustments.

  1. TVs aren’t meant to be used as a background noise generators – This problem is becoming very widespread recently. People tend to leave their TVs on a random channel, without even looking at them or paying any attention to what’s on, just so they can have a background noise while doing something else. While there is no harm if this is done sparingly, consider reducing the frequency of these moments as well as their length. On a second note, you can reduce the energy intake of your TV set by lowering its brightness by a little bit.
  2. PCs and smart planning – Personal computers are great devices, as they can help in terms of work, education and entertainment. However, all of this has to be kept under control and in a proper schedule. It’s very easy for people to get carried away on the internet, watching a movie or playing a game and let time fly by, keeping their PC on for very long periods.
  3. Make Use of the small kitchen appliances – All of the small kitchen appliances and tools that you own are there for a reason. Not only are they great at their specialized tasks, but they will also consume less energy than their larger, more multifunctional counterparts. Same goes for microwaves. They are capable of preparing food much faster and end up consuming less energy in the long run.
  4. Refrigeration – Only pick one refrigerator or freezer. Since it will always be on, 24/7 it alone will make for a significant portion of your electricity bills. It is in your best interest to pick on of these products (or a combined one) and stick with it. Using two of them at the same time can easily prove to be disastrous to your energy bill. Once you make your choice, make sure that it’s set to the proper temperature. You don’t need ice building up in your milk and orange juice.
  5. Cleaning And Washing – The companies that develop these products have already picked up on the whole green living and energy saving notion, and there are quite a few products, designed to save as much energy as possible. Some of the best vacuum cleaner models that are currently on the market are advertised as energy saving and can help reduce the electricity bills by quite a bit.
  6. Lighting – Again, we’re not focusing upon complicated modifications to your home. While there most certainly are a lot of things that you can do with the lighting to reduce the bills, we’ll offer you one of the most simple solutions. Plan your lighting properly – not every room needs the same amount of light. Unless you plan to read books in the middle of the night, most rooms can go without very powerful light bulbs.

In closing, we’ll leave you with the following last tip – cheaper is not always better. While the whole idea here is to reduce the electricity costs, you have to remember that having a safe living environment is of utmost importance. Never make any special modifications to your electrical devices if it is outside your area of expertise.

Author bio: Fehu Othala is the lead writer for the VacuumConsult team. They focus their efforts on researching the latest and best handheld vacuum cleaner models on the market, striving to deliver fresh and unbiased product reviews.

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