6 smart tactics for bringing more light into your dark, dull home

BY contributor | Sun Feb 08, 2015
Smart tactics for bringing in more light
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It is well-known that light increases one’s mood and productivity. A home that is dark can create an atmosphere of anxiety, depression, and indifference. If your home is naturally dark or dull due to the colors around the house, or a lack of lighting, it can make things feel dreary. Luckily, you can easily shake off that feeling by adjusting areas in the home and letting in more light. Take a look at the following tactics for bringing more light into a dark, dull home.

Illuminate with Windows

Once an energy hog, today’s windows are energy-efficient and can deliver more than light. Use windows on the south side of your home to increase a passive solar home design and capture the benefits of the sun. Use smaller windows on the east, west, and south sides to limit energy loss, choosing panes carefully. Argon or krypton are examples of inert gas that are often used between window panes for a higher resistance to heat flow, but deliver adequate light.

Tubular Skylights

According to professionals at United Roofing who specialize in roof repair in Edmonton, tubular skylights are becoming a popular solution for dark areas in the home. By using an aluminum tube as a transporter to the roof, an acrylic, leak-proof dome is able to deliver extra sunlight to any part of a home. On the inside, the ceiling fixture resembles a flush-mounted ceiling light. Ranging from small 10-inch to 18-inch diameters, natural sunlight flows into the area.

Glass Block Panels

Feeling exposed from wide open windows may cause you to hesitate about using natural light. Glass block panels are the answer to blocking out the sun’s heat and ultraviolet light. In addition to creating a great designer look, the temperature of your home will respond positively to these energy-efficient blocks.

Floor Lighting

Light up your floor with floor recessed lighting that adds an extra lift to dark hallways and corners. Under counter lighting with LED rope lighting is also a way to keep the feeling of instant warmth and illumination beneath your feet. This is helpful if your home feels especially dark in the evening once the sun goes down.

Fiber Optic Ceiling Domes

Create a gateway to the stars with a ceiling dome that delivers anywhere from 50 to 200 points of light. The mystifying presence will expand that dark paneled room into an ecstasy of light and beauty while adding a mood-enhancing quality.

Unique Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting has improved over the years and now offers options to almost any shaded room. Selecting the proper light bulbs is the answer to adding the right amount of light. Choose incandescent for general lighting, halogen for direct spotlighting, and “R” bulbs for adding reflection.
Make your home more comfortable with pleasing natural lighting, artificial lighting, or a combination of the two. Always use a professional installer to guarantee the perfect angles, and you’ll feel much happier with a lighter, brighter home. Light can open up a room, making the space feel much bigger than it actually is. As you can see, just a few simple adjustments around the house can help you utilize natural and artificial lighting for a space that keeps everyone in a better mood.

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