5 Ways to Save on Your Move

BY Allconnect | Fri May 23, 2014
5 Ways to Save on Your Move

Moving can be a difficult and expensive process, but it’s all worth it in the end once you settle into your new home. If you’re looking to relocate and stay within a budget, use our five tips for saving during your move.

1. Reuse boxes
Many people go out and buy boxes before packing. This isn’t always the best strategy because cardboard containers can be quite costly when bought in bulk. That’s why Jamie Allen, co-editor of the book “How to Survive A Move,” told MSN that reusing boxes from other places is the best way to go.

“One good tip that we got is that every town or city today has a recycling center – and they’ve got tons and tons of boxes,” Allen said.

2. Lock in your price
Paul Golden, spokesman for the National Endowment for Financial Education, recently explained to MarketWatch that many people are caught off guard by some movers’ pricing strategies.

“One of the most common scams is a when moving company will provide a low estimate initially and hike up the price once belongings are loaded on the truck,” Golden said.

Always get a guaranteed rate before agreeing to work with anybody. Unforeseen expenses can quickly add up and eat through your budget.

3. Time your travel
According to Mint, the best way to save money on gas and shorten your trip is to travel when there isn’t much traffic. If you’re relocating locally, simply hit the road after the morning rush hour and arrive at your new home before the evening commute starts. For longer trips, the news source recommends taking breaks during busy periods so you don’t get caught in gridlock.

4. Sell what you’re not bringing
Many people have items that aren’t going to new homes. For instance, some consumers buy furniture when they change addresses to get a completely fresh start. Should all the old stuff be thrown away?

No, consider having a yard sale or selling these items online. This will help pad your moving budget so your wallet won’t take a huge hit.

5. Bundle services
Before you move, you need to think about what type of TV and Internet service you want to have while staying within your means. in most cases, phone, TV and Internet bundles are the best deals out there, so you should see what local service providers offer.

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