5 Ways to Save Money on Your Home Security

Running a house is an expensive business these days so any savings we can make are always more than welcome. One aspect of the finances of your home which you perhaps haven’t given a lot of consideration to is the cost of the security.
It is easy to get carried away and splash out on the most expensive items of home security equipment around but is it really necessary or could you get greater peace of mind without breaking the bank?

Do the Simple Things

You can start off on making your property more secure by doing some simple things which cost little or no money. This can mean cutting back your plants to leave less shady areas in the garden, moving ladders out of sight or simply taking care to properly close all of the windows and doors. Don’t forget that most burglars strike on an opportunist basis when they see that there is a chance for them to get into a property without a lot of hassle.

Add Some Cheap Lights

If there is one thing thieves don’t like it is a bright light. They want to go about their business in the dark. Setting up outside lighting might seem like a costly business but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Nowadays you can get a few solar powered stake lights which just need to be driven into the ground. These are very effective, cheap to buy and free to run. If you put a bit of thought into the placement of them then you should be able to cover your property at very little cost.

Check Out the Technology Options

There are also plenty of more technologically advanced ways of keeping out intruders these days. The most common are burglar alarms and CCTV systems. These might sound like awfully expensive ways of keeping your home safe but they don’t have to be. The first step you should take is to check out some of the companies who offer security systems in your area. It may work out cheaper than you think to get a modern system which lets you sleep more easily at night. Don’t forget that a good security system can also reduce your insurance premiums.

Think of the Future

Any good security system you put in place should be suitable for protecting you today but should also be capable of being expanded in the future if you need to do so. You should check how easy it is to do this with any system you look at, as some can be increased in size with very little hassle. Even if you don’t see the need for it right now you don’t know what the future might hold for you and your family. Spending money on an entirely new security system if you move home, for example, would just be a waste of your resources.

Don’t Leave It Too Late

Of course, if you leave it too late to make these changes it could end up being a costly mistake. Even if your home is covered by an insurance policy you won’t be able to escape all of the financial effects of a burglary from your home, such as increased insurance premiums. A far smarter idea is to make sure that your house is as safe and secure as possible before it is too late. It might cost you some money and a little bit of your time but it is a decision you are unlikely to ever regret.

Guest post by Rob, a passionate writer who regularly produces articles about home security, alarm systems and surveillance camera for ADT UK.

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