5 Ways to Stay Connected During the Hectic Holidays

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Dec 30, 2016
5 Ways to Stay Connected During the Hectic Holidays

‘Tis the season for trading the comforts and convenience of home for a guest bedroom, driving long hours to spend time with relatives, and bonding over shared laughter, memories, eggnog, and festivities. And that’s because the holidays are meant for reconnecting with loved ones, but in this modern age, it’s also important to stay connected with everything waiting for you back home. And “no matter how far away you roam,” these tech-savvy tips can help you do just that!


Keep Your Home Secure While Traveling

“This season is among the busiest time of year for taking trips, which increases the risk of burglaries, too.”

Whether visiting family members or jetting off on vacation, this season is among the busiest time of year for taking trips, which means the risk of burglaries can often increase, too. Use technology to safeguard your empty house with smartphone apps that place a security system at your fingertips – regardless of your current location.

These apps are compatible with most iOS or Android devices for a comprehensive suite of features to monitor home alarms, HVAC equipment, door locks, video surveillance, lighting and other utilities.


Protect Your Sensitive Data (Just in Case)

If you’re planning to leave your computers, tablets, or any devices with sensitive data at home, make sure to enable two-step verification before you leave. This added buffer of identity protection thwarts both remote login attempts and home invasion hacks. That’s because it requires a user to type both the password and a security code sent directly to the account’s linked phone number. As a result, even if someone gains access to your login credentials, this code prevents them from retrieving your sensitive data.


Maximize the Battery on Your Mobile Device

When you don’t have a charger or an outlet nearby to juice up your gadgets, there are numerous battery-saving tactics you can use to extend the device’s lifespan in the interim. By conserving your data use, background display modes, app or video streaming, GPS recognition, and other features, you can make your battery last longer, so you can access your phone when you need it.

Just disable these tools under “Settings” when you’re in a no-service zone, on the highway, or if you forgot to pack that USB cable and none of your relatives have a spare one to lend you.


Update People On Your Travel Itinerary

Keeping friends, family or even neighbors abreast of your plans before heading out of town gives them critical information should they need to contact you. However, instead of printing out airline schedules, hotel confirmations, and important phone numbers, collect these details with a trip planner app. These resources consolidate your entire travel itinerary in one convenient location, so you can just forward the specifics via text message or email, optimizing both time and efficiency.


Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones

If you can’t spend the holidays with all the people you care about, you can still keep in touch with them from afar. There are several platforms that make communication easier when face-to-face interaction just isn’t possible.

For example, the mobile service Line combines a number of technologies to close a physical gap between loved ones, including social networking, voice recording, text messaging, video messaging, photo sharing, and location posting. Encourage your friends and family to create their own Line accounts for a quick connection point throughout the season.


How have you used technology to secure your belongings, enhance your relationships, organize your schedule, or simplify your life during this most hectic time of year? Share your feedback in the comments section below!



Guest Author Bio: Maile Proctor is a content editor for Carpe daily. She earned her Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism and Television Production from Chapman University. When she’s not working or writing, she enjoys hiking, working out, and officiating basketball.

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