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5 Ways The Cloud Can Help With Home Security

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Oct 18, 2016
5 Ways The Cloud Can Help With Home Security

There was a time when a simple lock and key would guarantee absolute security. But not anymore, the advancement of technology has now had a huge impact on our security measures. Home security has come a long way from the days when a simple lock was enough to prevent any untoward incidents. Today there are so many high tech applications and smart security alarms to alert the person if a burglar tries to break in. These tools ad products use apps to integrate with your smartphone so that you can get an instant notification in case of an emergency. Let us check out the top 5 ways in which cloud has contributed to home security.

The Cloud and home security

The cloud is no longer confined to storing your data files and pictures, now you can also use it to store and connect the various security apps. The cloud is also a great tool for tracking and managing all your apps at one place. Cloud based home security offer the best of technical assistance and virtual exposure to improve your chances of dealing with the dangers lurking out there.

  1. Wi-Fi cameras

Security cameras are among the most widely used security tools by people. Installing a wireless security camera in and around the house helps you track every visitor and nearby bystanders of the areas. Wireless or Wi-Fi cameras are pretty small and can be set up almost anywhere provided you have a steady internet connection. The cameras are directly connected to the Wi-Fi network so that you can see live footage from the camera and track anything that seems suspicious or out of the way. These cameras can even capture clear images at night and provide a whole bunch of functions such as zoom in and zoom out etc.

  1. Cloud security systems

You can even build your own cloud based security system to safeguard your house from the threats of thefts and other criminal activities. By installing an alarm connecting it via cloud you can get immediately notified in case of an emergency. You can also add various social media account links to contact you friends and family in case of an emergency. Now you can either hire a professional to install a cloud based security system or you can do it all yourself.  Cloud security systems allow far greater control and flexibility of action, i.e.  you can not only see but also control the situation to some extent.

  1. Cloud environmental sensors and smart locks

Environmental sensors are among the most sensitive of gadgets that can catch even the faintest changes in the atmosphere such as changes in temperature, humidity levels and CO2 content of the air. This comes in especially handy if you’ve forgotten to turn off the gas or if there is a spark in the central electrical meter of the house. The environmental sensors are connected to an alarm that can be controlled via your smartphones. There are so many applications and software that ensure the absolute protection of your home from a fire or any other dangerous accidents.  Smart digital locks with special codes or touch screen interface can further add on to the overall security of the place.

  1. Cloud home appliances and control apps

The cloud based appliances include monitors, electronic detectors and digital scanners that can track out of ordinary movement and immediately notify the user. Sensors are simple devices set up on the doors and windows that start ringing loudly if someone tries to force it open. These motion sensors can even inform the user about a visitor before he even rings the doorbell! On the other hand sensors can detect any form of movement, even the slightest rustling of an animal and record it. And because all these application are connected on cloud you can easily store them and refer to them later online if you want to.

  1. Alert systems

Very similar to alarms, the cloud based alert systems also notify you in case of any suspicious activity but without the loud alarm bells. The application sends you a message, email or an instant notification alerting you of the activity. The suspicious activity may be an unexpected break in or unauthorised access. You can set up alarms as well that can be controlled by the smartphone.  These alert systems are also integrated with the CCTV cameras to ensure a detailed monitoring of the day to day activities of the area.  You can also install smart lights that save on electricity even if you don’t switch it off for a week (to confuse any intruder).

The bottom line

With an increase in crime rates it is all the more important that you protect your homes from the threats lurking out there. Check out these top smart cloud-based home security methods and keep your loved ones safe.


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