5 services you need to set up before you move

BY Allconnect Inc | Sat Dec 19, 2015
5 services you need to set up before you move

Luckily, it is also something than any uber-organized person can master through early preparation. If you don’t find yourself to be one of these super-organized individuals, there are many amazing and useful lists to refer to before taking the plunge and getting ready to move. To help facilitate your move and relieve unwanted stress, here are the top 5 things to get set up ahead of time in order to ease your mind once moving day arrives.

  1. Hire trustworthy and established movers

A huge factor in moving is hiring the people that are going to move you. By securing a reputable moving company for your moving day, you are taking a big chunk of the activity off your hands. So take some time to contact a few movers for quotes as far in advance as possible. Make sure they come out to the home to take a full inventory of your belongings and provide you with a guaranteed quote so come moving day, there are no surprises. Also keep in mind that if you are moving into a full-service development, they probably have move-in coordination. For example, The Atlas, a full-perk luxury apartment building in Midtown Manhattan, has a resident concierge that does all of the legwork for you.

  1. Address Forwarding

While it may seem like a simple task, and it is, the frenzy of moving often leaves smaller tasks like this forgotten. But the importance of this service is far greater than most perceive. The first step is to go online to USPS and fill out the change of address form. While this will get all of your regular mail sent over to your new place, it still does not cover all of the places you have your address on file electronically. There can be nothing more frustrating than to use a credit card that doesn’t match up to your current address, possibly preventing you from verifying and using it. Make sure to jump online or simply call any financial institutions you are connected to as well as other large bill payees to update your address. Even sites you often use online to purchase items should be on your list. Otherwise that brand new jacket your ordered could get lost in transit and not make it to your new doorstep in time for winter.

  1. Utilities: gas, water, garbage, electric

When changing over your basic utilities, you can call as far ahead as convenient for you to make sure that there is no lapse in service. If you receive the keys to your new home before moving out of your current residence, make sure the basic utilities are turned on. While there may be an overlap in service between the two places, it is better than being caught with no running water or electricity on move-out-move-in day.

  1. Cable/Internet/Phone

The same as your basic utilities, you will want the comfort of your extras as well. While setting up a transfer of your water or gas can often be done without your physical presence, cable, internet and phone companies may need to be onsite in order to make the transfer. Since you will be moving services from one location to the next, make sure you call ahead early enough so that these companies can set up a time to visit your old home as well as your new home within the time frame that you need.

  1. Security

Home security isn’t a service that everybody thinks about. And while home security systems are a service you have to set up for transfer in advance, there are other measures of security to consider before moving. If you are buying a new home you may want to arrange a locksmith to meet you there as soon as you have the keys to your new place. Having locks changed when you purchase a home is one way of safeguarding it against any unwanted entries. Again, if you are moving into a full-service apartment building or luxury condominium development like 100 East 53rd Street, they can handle security measures for you before your arrival. Buildings like this also have their own security measures throughout the structure, making one part of your move much easier.
The bottom line is that the more you prepare for your move ahead of time, the less stress you will need to manage on moving day. And when you wake up for the first time in your new home, you will be able to enjoy your morning coffee without leaving it to chance whether or not the coffee maker will work when you plug it in.

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