5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Concrete Floor Acid Stained

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Aug 09, 2013

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Concrete Floor Acid StainedMoving into a new house can be as simple as unpacking your stuff or many times there are a few projects that need to be taken care of before you bring your belongings into the house. As with most projects, there are often more ways than one to get the job done and that includes concrete floors too. There are many ways an individual can enhance the look of their concrete floor. Most people think that the only viable solution to a worn out concrete floor surface is ripping it out, but that could turn out to be a costly affair. If you want to avoid such costs, then it’s time you considered acid staining your floor. If you acid stain your concrete floor, then you are sure to restore the charming look of your floor while saving on the go. In fact, acid stained concrete floors are fast becoming popular nowadays, because it’s a way of uplifting the look of floors that most people can afford while reflecting one’s personality. However, acid staining is not for concrete floors only, you could use it to restore worn out sidewalks, driveways and patios as well.

But this process of staining is simple and less time consuming. It involves staining concrete with acid, just the same way you would do with a hardwood floor.

It’s worthy to note that there are two types of concrete stains. You can either go for acid concrete stains that will leave your floor with a translucent color, naturally looking good. The second option is the acrylic concrete stains that create a consistent semi-translucent color.

 Acid concrete stains or acrylic

You can go for acid concrete stains or acrylic, whichever you find the best. If your floor has lots of imperfections and maybe huge grooves here and there, then a thin layer of cement may be applied to the surface before staining.

Why choose an acid stained floor

It’s a fact that many floor types will not offer the benefits that acid stained floors give.

  1. Durability – These floors are durable, once they are stained, you forget about it. It won’t fade away, chip off like most wooden floor surfaces do.
  2. Maintenance – Acid stained floors are very easy to maintain. You can wax in a while if you like, but that doesn’t mean that it will fade away if you fail to do so, it only means that you are being mindful of your floor. You can also wipe off any spills without much trouble.
  3. Unlike carpeted floors, acid stained floors are sealed with solid acrylic sprays, making it impossible for allergens, mites and pollens to penetrate through. So they improve the hygiene of your home as well.
  4. Because they are permanent floors, they are very cost effective. Apart from the initial cost of installation, you’ll never incur unnecessary expenses related to damages because these floors are not given room for any damage.
  5. They bring style to your living room in a way you won’t believe. The acid-based chemicals penetrate into the concrete particles on the floor to react with lime hence creating unique patterns.

That said, you may be interested in knowing how to acid stain a concrete floor. Well, obviously you’ll begin by collecting the necessary materials. You’ll need a cleaning finish, baking soda, sealers and acid stains. Once you are ready, clean the area you want to work on, apply the acid and wait for it to react with the elements of the floor. When that is done, clean up the area with a mixture of baking soda and water to eliminate any stains or residue that might have been left behind.

XPS concrete floors acid stained have numerous benefits. They will keep your home looking in the best shape ever with just a minimal investment.

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