5 Kid Friendly Internet Games

Kid friendly high speed internet gamesOur kids enjoy a number of video games using high speed internet and for the most part we are right to worry about what they may be exposed to on the internet. Although its getting exceedingly difficult to avoid the violence and corrupting influences which is very popular in today’s mass culture there are ways we can still make a difference by  leading our children down a different path. Its only natural that once they enter their “rebellious teenager” phase they will go their own way in their interests or perhaps even earlier. Regardless of that its nice to help them be kids as long as they can enjoy a life free of stress and worry. For that reason internet games play a nice part in teaching them certain social and cognitive skills they will love to use later on in life. We have compiled a small list of child friendly internet games here:

  1. Neopets  – An internet browser-based game currently owned by the Nickelodeon Channel, Neopets is a game where your kids can adopt a cute monster of mythical origins where they’ll take care of it, feed it and even let it battle other pets in a safe, cartoonish fashion. Neopets is a huge franchise with a following across the world which even includes fan content encouraged by Nickelodeon in a very kid-friendly fashion.
  2. Free Realms – A creation of Sony, this is an open online world available for PC, Mac and Playstation where kids can enjoy exploration of a huge world where they’ll be able to befriend other kids. There are a number of mini-games spread across the world where the players can enjoy go-kart racing, raising pets and overall overall and social interaction. There’s something for everyone here so your kid will enjoy their stay.
  3. Gaia Online – A Japanese anime-themed internet game where kids can experience the world from the point of view of an anime avatar they can customize. Gaia Online is a blend of games, social networking capabilities and overall a great place for your little growing geek where they’ll be able to talk with other kids who love anime and manga among other interests.
  4. Club Penguin – A Disney creation, this online world lets your kid take on the role of a penguin avatar in a world where they can enjoy a variety of games, social interaction and other activities. Disney is known to be extremely watchful when it comes to internet safety in this online game and their products so you will be sure your kid won’t interact with unsavory characters since their world is moderated very well.
  5. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures – Your kid can become either a Jedi or a Sith, go either Light side or Dark side in your choices where they’ll be able to play a number of mini games, decorate their homes, battle other players and interact with the characters from the famous animated series Lucas Arts has created based on the Star Wars franchise. A must play on the internet if your kids love the stories about heroic Jedi and the morals behind them.

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