5 household robots that make your life easier

Nicole George
Nicole George
Jan 3, 2018

Easily take care of common household chores and carve more time for yourself with the latest generation of household robots. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), today’s robots can wash your floors, monitor your home’s climate, clean your windows and more. Here are just some of the ways household robots can make managing your home easier.

1. Vacuum the house

The Roomba, the original robot vacuum cleaner, debuted in 2002, five years before the iPhone. Smart floor sweepers have improved every year since then, and there are now machines that can clean hardwood floors, tile bathrooms, and even pools.

These vacuums are incredibly convenient, especially for busy households with children and pets. You can vacuum the floors every day without lifting a finger. Plus, they can easily access those hard-to-reach places under the bed or couch.

No time to clean the house in the morning? Program your robot vacuum to do it for you while you’re at work.

A robot vacuum cleaner works by intelligently navigating your home one floor at a time, keeping track of its location and circling back to its charging station as needed to get the job done. They navigate furniture, carpets, charging cables, and other household obstacles thanks to built-in intelligent sensors.

They can even self-adjust between carpet and hard flooring. While they can’t climb or descend stairs (yet), they do know when they’re close to stairs and other drop-offs and stop themselves from falling down. These robots use edge-sweeping brushes to get at debris that’s not directly in their path, so you can be sure they’ll do just as good a job as you would.

Program your household robot to know when, where, and how long you want it to clean, then pop it on the charger and it will do the rest for you. Some models even connect to Wi-Fi so you can remotely schedule your cleaning.

2. Sweep and mop

Household robots can also sweep your hardwood floors or make the bathroom tile sparkle. With a built-in jet stream and changeable floor mop/sweeper, they can glide across your tiled, hardwood, or any hard floor surfaces and dry sweep, damp sweep, or even scrub them with cleaning solution and a mop. They navigate the same way robot vacuums do and will return to their charging station when they’re finished.

3. Clean the windows

Cleaning your windows can be cumbersome and time-consuming, making it the perfect task for a robot. Stick a window-cleaning robot on your window, glass door, mirror, shower door, or any glass surface and press “Start.” Then sit back, relax, and watch as it scans and calculates the size of the window, programs a custom cleaning path, and cleans every inch, including those pesky corners.

4. Water the plants

Even if you don’t have a green thumb you can still have a lush indoor garden thanks to plant sensors. These sensors tell you the optimum time to water, fertilize, or provide other needed interventions to keep your houseplants healthy. Simply stick one in the soil of your potted plants and sync it to an app on your smartphone to be alerted when you need to act.

5. Command your digital butler

Digital butlers, such as Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri, respond to voice commands and “talk back” to you from smart speakers. You can command these home assistants to turn on your smart lights, tell your robot vacuum cleaner to get to work, start your smart sprinkler system or set the heat to 70 degrees.

Although they may not all fit the traditional image of a household robot, these smart devices can help you run your household with ease. Whether you’re using a smart home monitoring system to keep an eye on your houseplants or handing off the cleaning to a vacuum robot, technology can be a useful addition to your home.