5 Gadgets the Home Chef Can’t Cook Without

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Jun 07, 2016
5 Gadgets the Home Chef Can’t Cook Without

For foodies that love to indulge their gourmet tendencies at home, the kitchen is the heart of the house. To give the home chef an added boost for all their breakfast, lunch and dinner endeavors are a new legion of gadgets that make their time in the kitchen more efficient, productive and, best of all, fun! Enjoy the wonder of Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets and tools that marry cooking’s inherent analog nature with the joy of having thousands of recipes on your iPad. You’ll even find devices that save energy long after you’ve turned the kitchen lights off and gone to bed.

  1. Hands-Free Speaker and Hub

Hands-Free Speaker and Hub

Washing and drying your hands to just change the song while cooking up a feast doesn’t cut it anymore. Go hands-free with a device like the Amazon Echo. Simply speak the commands you want the Echo to perform, even when a favorite playlist is blasting through its speakers. Not only can the Echo play your favorite music subscriptions and podcasts via its immersive sound system, it can also be used as your daily knowledge hub as soon as you walk in the kitchen. Every morning, you can ask for the weather report, current commute times or even a digest of the day’s news. The best aspect of a product like this is that at $150, the pricing is comparable to many other Bluetooth speakers, but with a whole lot more functionality.

  1. Cutting Board with iPad Rest

Cutting Board with iPad Rest

With so many food and recipe apps available, it makes sense that many home chefs have their tablets on hand while prepping ingredients and crafting up the evening’s meal. So just like we once had to have a cookbook stand nearby when cooking from a weathered book of recipes, the modern chef needs a cutting board with a built-in tablet stand. This keeps the pricey tablet out of harm’s way from spilled liquids on the counter and provides a handy place to keep up with a recipe or tutorial. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

  1. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Somehow, there have been way too many instances in our kitchens where we found ourselves stuck wiggling out a problematic wine cork that just doesn’t seem to want to leave the bottle. Save those moments of frustration and perform a fun trick during dinner parties by showing friends how quickly a bottle of vino can go from sealed to ready-to-drink with an electric wine opener. Many models involve touching a simple button once the ergonomic opener is placed on the bottle and voila—a bottle’s opened in mere seconds.

  1. Smart Outlets

Smart Outlets

Many kitchen gadget enthusiasts will likely find their countertops filled with appliances they use on a regular basis. Keeping those gadgets plugged in at all times, though, can cause vampire electricity to increase a monthly power bill. However, it’s not so convenient to unplug each and every gadget after they’re used, especially when it’s a product used on a regular basis. To save energy, fill the kitchen with smart Wi-Fi-enabled outlets. Each Wi-Fi outlet plugs into a typical wall outlet, then an appliance of choice can be plugged into them. Now, you can turn the electrical current going to these gadgets on and off from an app on your phone, or create a schedule for when the appliances are on and functioning.

  1. Smart Refrigerator

Smart Refrigerator

When shopping for a new refrigerator, an energy efficient model is crucial. But for the home chef that spends a majority of their time getting creative in the kitchen, a refrigerator can function as so much more. Today’s smart refrigerators now include Wi-Fi-powered touchscreens front and center on the doors, making the refrigerator central command. Early smart refrigerators offered digital calendars, a notes app and even music streaming. As refrigerator technology gets more advanced, the home chef can now monitor exactly what is in their fridge via a mobile app, so you’re never wondering if you did already buy a steak from the butcher. The doors will also alert you if they’re left open, so that food stays fresh until your next meal.

The digital age has brought many different technological advances to the home, and the kitchen is no exception. Whether you’re looking to check the news while chopping onions or save your blender from sucking up excess power, these modern kitchen gadgets have you covered.

Kelly Schwarze is a self-described tech geek who writes about the latest home automation technology. She provides tips and advice on everything from smart outlets to smart refrigerators. To see a whole selection of smart home systems, visit The Home Depot.

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