5 Fabulous Decor Ideas for Bathrooms

Bathroom RemodelingBathrooms are one of the most interesting places in the home. It is the one room where you can totally be yourself, whether you just freshening up or standing in the shower contemplating the bigger things in life. It is especially helpful when bathroom designs and interiors match the personality of the homeowner. Fortunately, we have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to design.

Most people choose designs that can do justice to the space utility. Once that is decided, you can choose a glamorous, or a traditional master bathroom, a contemporary neutral bathroom or spa-inspired bathroom.

You have immense scope to have a convincing decor inside the bathroom to enhance its beauty, no matter how big or small it is. There is always a possibility for you to transform your bathroom.  Let us discover how you can give a twist to your bathroom:

  1. Bathroom Vanity Lightings:  vanity lights are perfect to illuminate the head and the face while the grooming session is on. The common mistake that people do is putting the recessed fixtures directly on top of the mirror, which can cast a shadow on the face. Think of placing the vanity lights on the sides of the mirror; this is more functional and betters the aesthetics of the bathroom.
  2. Vases: Vases are the simplest way to beautify a dull bathroom. You either may use artificial flowers or can give an amazing look to the bathroom by placing natural, seasonal flowers. Tulips in the elongated glass vase can make your bathroom look more than fresh. You can even think of placing green room plants inside the bathroom.
  3. Reed Diffuser Sticks:  These are easily available in the supermarkets. The kit includes a fragrance oil jar in which you can dip the reed sticks. Reeds diffuse mild fragrance in the bathroom and keep the bathroom fresh all the time. This will help you freshen the bathroom. There are many other options for fragrance in bathroom, like tea light candle burners, with which you can use the essential oils of your choice.
  4. Candles: The scented candles near your bath can always tempt you to take a dip. Bath, candles, and wine make for the perfect combination after a stressed out day. Just add to it an amazing essential oil, to complete the therapeutic bathing experience.
  5. Bathroom Mirrors:  Bathroom mirrors can change the whole look and feel of the bathroom. Be very cautious while choosing mirrors for the bathroom. If you have big bathroom with one wall entirely free, then you can think of placing a big full-length mirror, this will enhance the sense of space and make your bathroom look grand. For the bathrooms with space constraint, mirror with the medicine cabinet is also an option.  Go for plain frames if you have deep colored and intense wallpapers, you can play a bit more with the frame choice if you have a plain wall.

It’s always better to be minimalist with the furniture in the bathroom. In case you are renovating your bathroom, you can re-purpose old bath fittings and accessories or sell them. Running out of space while the renovation is going on? You can always contact  self storage facilities  that are local to you. Getting things moved out of the way can make your life during the renovation a lot easier.

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