5 Easy Ways to Cut Moving Costs

BY Kristen Fowler | Mon Sep 18, 2017
5 Easy Ways to Cut Moving Costs

When it comes to relocating to a new home, moving costs can add up very quickly. Between a moving truck, movers, and a self-storage it’s difficult to differentiate what the essentials are. And that doesn’t even count purchasing a round of beers for all of your friends who help you move. Take a look at our five easy ways to cut moving costs to help you save some of your hard-earned money. You’ll never look at relocating to a new home the same way again!

Easily Cut Moving Costs

1) Don’t need it? Don’t move it.

If you’ve lived in your current household for quite some time, chances are you’ve begun to collect a lot of things. After all, what’s the point of having a home if you can’t start collecting a plethora of stuff you’ll never need again? If this is the case and you’re getting ready for a big move, consider filtering through your belongings.

For instance, you may want to pack everything you’ll need for your new home into storage boxes and place them into storage unit. For everything else you don’t need,you can host an open-house garage sale. It helps to both efficiently declutter a home while making extra money on the side doing so.

2) Move outside of peak season

Homes are selling left and right during peak season. That’s why it’s called peak season. However, this also means moving costs are at their highest too. Consider moving to your new home outside of peak season. You’ll not only save money in rental truck and storage units, but you’ll enjoy the flexibility of when each of these resources is available.

3) Make use of homemade moving supplies

When it comes to packing up your things, purchasing moving boxes can get expensive. This is certainly the case if you own a large home. Take a look around your home and try to use large Tupperware containers as well as plastic bins to store your things.

Having just made an out-of-state move myself, I placed most of my clothing into plastic storage containers and travel luggage. When it was all said and done, I was able to cut the number of boxes I would have needed in half which saved me loads of money.

4) Rent a moving truck

If you’re on a tight moving budget and thinking about hiring movers, think again. While movers can save you a ton of hassle, they also cost money. Consider taking the DIY stance, renting a moving truck, and making the move yourself.

By renting a moving truck during the off-season, packing, and loading things up yourself, you’ll cut moving costs dramatically. Not able to load things onto the truck yourself? Then only hire movers load and unload the truck. Then again, if you have children or brothers and sisters, they make for great movers too!

5) Deduct moving costs from your taxes

Did you know if you are relocating to a new home on behalf of a job you can deduct moving costs from your taxes? It’s true. While that job has to be more than 50 miles away from your current home, there are other things to help you qualify.

According to the IRS Topic 455, moving expenses could be eligible to be deducted from your taxes. Whether you’re moving on behalf of the armed forces or the start of a new job, this is a significant way to cut moving costs. It will save you loads of money during your relocation.

In conclusion

There are a lot of ways to cut moving costs when you’re relocating to a new home. All it takes is a little research, flexibility, and original thinking outside of the box. What are some easy ways you’ve learned to cut moving costs?

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