5 Plumbing Jobs You Should Be Doing Yourself [INFOGRAPHIC]

BY Allconnect Inc | Mon Dec 26, 2016
5 Plumbing Jobs You Should Be Doing Yourself [INFOGRAPHIC]

When something goes wrong in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink, most homeowners freak out and call a plumber. But did you know that the most common plumbing faults that occur are easily fixable? You can do this yourself, even if you have little or no DIY experience!

Take the standard leaky tap as an example. I bet you didn’t know that all you need is a couple new washers and a screwdriver to sort out the problem. Or how about that pesky running toilet? To make it behave again, all you need to do is a bit of tweaking here and there and you’ll be golden.

Perhaps most importantly, if you called for a plumber to fix these easy to fix faults, it could cost you upwards of $75 a pop! So read on and find more helpful tips and tricks for solving common plumbing problems and save a bit a cash in the process. We’ll show you how easy it really is.


Plumbing Hacks by Radiator Valves 4u
Plumbing Hacks by Radiator Valves 4u.

Guest Author Bio: Radiator Valves 4u has specialized in the supply of bathroom brass-ware, furniture, and heating products to both trade and retail customers for the last 14 years. 

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