5 advantages of home inspections

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Jun 30, 2015

Home inspectionGuest post by Bill Brown.

The single biggest investment you may have had to make in your life is quite possibly the purchase of a house. Home buying is such an important part of your whole existence that many consider it the cornerstone of living.

But when it’s time to move on, and people come knocking on your door looking to purchase your house, they are looking for one that is in tip top condition. To help make sure that your house is in great shape, homeowners and homebuyers alike should consider hiring an inspector to help judge the condition.

On the surface, a house’s condition could well be somewhat deceiving. It could give the impression of being okay but the walls of the structure could be hiding issues you may not notice right away. Home inspectors are qualified to recognize these types of problems. They have been trained to detect issues in a home right away and help buyers avoid unfortunate surprises before any deeds are signed.

Here are the advantages of getting a home inspected by a professional before purchase:

They give you warning signs:

 Home inspections are meant to let you know what could be a problem many years down the line with a new home that you buy. Any defects or safety concerns that are uncovered can then be dealt with sooner than later. At Seale plumbing an experienced inspector can help you find everything from a poorly installed sink to a hidden leaky pipe.

They pay for themselves

Imagine the amount of money you could save if you have the home inspected early. Poor construction and water leakages can all be fixed right before you put pen to paper and the deed changes hands. The money saved on costly repairs down the road would be much more than the amount you pay the inspector.

Sellers can fix stuff

Most home are well maintained. But as a seller, should there be something that needs to be fixed, there is value in getting issues dealt with before a home inspection. This way, you’re spared the headache of dealing with getting things fixed as you are preparing to move out.

You may get the house for less

 Home inspections potentially can give you an upper hand in negotiations. If you get a report about the house which points out issues, you could ask the buyer to lower the price of the house to cover for expenses you’ll have to deal with later.

Helps you think long term confidently

 A successful home inspection can also help a buyer judge the life expectancy of different parts of the house. The life of the roof, carpet and furnace are all evaluated and can help the buyer plan for future upgrades. With this knowledge, you also gain the confidence of knowing when you buy a house there is little chance for buyer’s remorse.

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