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41 percent of U.S. doesn’t have a landline phone

BY Allconnect | Fri Jul 11, 2014
41 percent of U.S. doesn’t have a landline phone

Though 41 percent of the United States’ population doesn’t subscribe to home phone service providers, it seems that consumers realize they should. The Associated Press reports that a new study from the¬†Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled this percentage. However, the most curious aspect of the research shows that the rate only increased 3 percent over last year’s findings, which had jumped 5 percent.

That has led to speculation as to why fewer consumers are leaving their landline phones behind.¬†Stephen Blumberg, the report’s head researcher, “said it could be people are holding onto their landlines because it is part of their internet and cable TV package,” according to the news source.

Indeed, bundling could be a huge factor, but there may be others at play. John Palmer, a researcher at the Autonomous University in Barcelona, Spain, believes we may be at the point where everyone who has ditched their home phone service has already done so.

Beyond all that, consumers may have finally realized the benefits of a home phone service. First, these connections are generally more reliable than other platforms. Second, landlines provide direct lines from homes to emergency services, which can lead to faster response times and heightened safety.

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