4 Winter Projects to Improve Your Home on a Limited Budget

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Jan 19, 2017
4 Winter Projects to Improve Your Home on a Limited Budget

The wintertime, for most people, is cold and icy—a time to curl up around a fire and drink something hot. It’s not necessarily a time when most people have home renovations on their minds. But, believe it or not, winter is the perfect time for home and lawn renovations, especially if you’re working on a budget. Read below as we discuss four of the top home renovation projects you can undertake on a budget this winter.


1. Spruce Up Your Decor

Did you know that paint is an average of 10% cheaper around the holiday season? It’s true. While it might not be widely advertised – or the ad simply gets lost amid the overwhelming number of other ones talking about toys, cars and television sets – home paint and such is also on sale. That’s because stores know that dropping their prices slightly through sales and discounts will help them to keep selling the products you need for your home design projects in the colder months. So from wallpapering your home, to putting the perfect coat of paint on the walls, to refreshing the décor; winter is a great time to redecorate the walls on a budget.


2. Have Your Lawn Serviced

Before the coldest part of winter sets in, it is wise to make sure your yard is prepared. The snow and ice are bad for the grass, and many homeowners end up with dead spots after winter’s over. Flowers and bushes die, and paving stones and other yard elements can be ruined by the weather. So, rather than getting angry at your ugly lawn, consider employing a professional lawn care service to help winterize your lawn, sprinklers, and outdoor features. A quick search for “lawn care services near me” will yield a wide range of lawn care professionals who can help you to make sure your yard makes it unscathed through the frigid winter months.


3. Expand Your Living Space

“Winter’s the ‘off season’ for home repairs, making it the perfect time to finally complete your home improvement project.”

Governments have to issue building permits, and doing so in the spring and summer months can results in long waits because they’re usually backed up. In the wintertime, however, these offices aren’t busy. So if you’ve been planning an addition to your home or adding a shed or some other type of building outside, this is the perfect time to do so. As an added bonus, because wintertime is the holiday season, you’ll likely be able to find great deals on packages like prefab buildings, lumber, and more.

While physically adding on to your home can sometimes cost a pretty penny, consider doing the renovation in the winter if you would be making the change regardless. If you already have these plans laid out for the summer, then handling them in the winter instead can allow you to save more money.


4. Fix or Install Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever tried to purchase anything during its busy season, you’re probably familiar with the basic principle of supply and demand. Essentially, sellers increase the price of a hot product, and consumers are willing to pay the increased price in order to get what they want. For instance, in the summertime, as temperatures rise, air conditioning becomes very high in demand. At the same time, the opposite principle holds true—as demand for a product drops, so does the price.

In the summer, people are clamoring to make sure that their air conditioner is in perfect working order. As the demand rises, the price increases. In the winter, however, very few people are looking for an air conditioner, and many sellers and repair shops will decrease their prices to entice customers. So if you’ve been looking for AC units or a full central air or HVAC install, wintertime is the best time to do it, as that’s when the prices are going to be at their lowest.


These are just a few ideas of ways you can save money while improving your home in the winter. And the bonus of saving more simply because it’s “off season” for home repairs can make it the perfect time to finally complete that home improvement project you’ve been putting off for months.


Guest Author Bio: Carol Evenson is a real estate consultant specializing in renovations and realty management. She works with both organizations and individuals within the continental US.

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