4 Tips For Securing Your Home

Everyone has a checklist to complete once they move into their new homes. Near the beginning, they usually set up their satellite TV and high-speed Internet, unpack the essentials and complete tasks that affect their everyday lives.

There’s one thing you need to make sure you handle in the early going – securing your home. Here are four tips to help get you started.

1. Buy yourself some time
In an interview with The New York Times, Michael Jagger, the president of Provident Security, explained that alarms are helpful if you give the authorities enough time to respond.

“An alarm is not a deterrent in and of itself – despite what most other security companies will try to suggest. Because we know that we can get to your place within five minutes, you need to ensure that from the point at which your alarm trips and sends us a signal, it will take a burglar at least five minutes to get to what you are trying to protect,” Jagger said.

To achieve this, just think strategically. For instance, try to keep your most valuable items away from doors and windows so they can’t be easily grabbed by a burglar.

2. Create clear lines of sight
Ideally, the exterior of your home would be well lit and feature few obstructions. If you have a dark yard with a lot of bushes and trees, it can be somewhat easy for a criminal to sneak up to your house without being detected.

Consider installing motion-activated lights around your property so that you know whether someone’s outside. Additionally, make sure none of your shrubberies are higher than your windows.

3. Keep quiet
The best way to secure your home may be to just stay quiet. If you routinely tell people about your daily schedule and when you’ll be away from your house, you’re essentially broadcasting good times for robbers to stop by for a visit.

4. Dispose of your trash discreetly
Your garbage could be a welcome mat to thieves. Walter T. Shaw, a former burglar, told MSN that the items in your trash could show people that your home is full of treasures.

“People love to flaunt what they have. They toss the box from a new flat screen out on the curb and even throw bills and statements in the trash. That’s asking to have your identity stolen and tells thieves you’ve got great electronics inside they can sell,” Shaw said.

Whenever you’re throwing away a large or expensive item, take it straight to the dump or break it into smaller pieces so it fits into a bag.

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