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4 Simple Ways to Cut Down Your Electric Bill

BY Allconnect | Tue Jun 21, 2016
4 Simple Ways to Cut Down Your Electric Bill

One of the largest costs associated with home-ownership is a high utility bill. Learning ways to reduce those monthly costs can save hundreds of dollars annually. Consumers can take action now through easy to implement alternatives to get the most in savings.

Energy Vampires

Also known as phantom loads or standby power inside the circuitry of modern electronic devices. They can be televisions, stereos, microwaves and other products used in today’s era. These products use energy during sleep mode or not in actual use. Having so much in today’s homes can waste energy and make the monthly electric bill higher than it should be. Eliminate those energy wasters by using power strips to areas with multiple electronics. Once installed, they can be easily switched on and off at night and times when everyone is at work or school.

Smart Switch

This can be as simple as having an on/off switch installed near the hot water heater. Setting the heater at a minimal 120 degree preset will keep the water at an ideal temperature. Adding the switch will give homeowners the ability to control when the power is on at the heater. They have the option of how much power the heater can use. Reducing power usage to heat water has a huge impact in lowering energy bills.

Energy Efficient Windows

Replacing those outdated windows with double hung or casement styles can provide comfort as well as huge savings. Many homes come equipped with inefficient windows and doors that let the AC or heat seep straight through the cracks. Most companies like Fischer Window and Door Store offer countless types of windows with improved insulation to stop drafts or leaks. By installing a stronger alternative, you’ll save more on your utility bill and be provided with year-round comfort.

Outdoor Solar Lighting and Other Tips

The technology of harnessing the sun’s power is here to stay. It’s increased in popularity throughout the years as more homeowners have switched to solar powering. It offers people the ability to keep the surroundings of homes safe and secure even during power outages. By using the sun’s energy more and electricity less, you’ll definitely notice a difference in your expenses especially during the summer months.

Other very simple areas to explore in energy saving can include changing air filters in heating or cooling units. Educating youngsters to remove cell phone chargers from electrical sockets or washing full loads of clothes and dishes are also useful tips. As you implement these techniques in your own home, you may notice the big savings are in doing the small things.

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