4 reasons to keep a landline phone

May 29, 2014

Many homeowners seek out phone, TV and internet bundles when they move because the deals are convenient and fairly affordable. Of course, most people only care about the TV and internet aspects of those packages, thinking that they don’t need home phones these days.

However, landline phones are still extremely useful. Continue reading for four reasons why you need one in your house.

Emergency services

You can dial 911 from your smartphone, but that might not be the best option. The New York Times explains that home phones transmit your address and number to emergency services. This makes it easy for firefighters, police officers and medical crews to verify locations and respond as quickly as possible.

The news source notes that the process is a lot more roundabout with cellphones. Emergency calls made on mobile devices go to a call center based on the location of a tower. The additional information can take up to 25 seconds to transmit, delaying first responders.

More reliability

Mobile technology is getting better and better, but it still has its limitations. Your smartphone can drop a call for any number of reasons, which can be annoying.

Landline phones are generally more reliable, so you don’t have to worry about being disconnected in the middle of a conversation. What’s more, if your mobile company is having issues, it’s always good to have a backup system ready to go.

Better for your kids

A recent MSN post pointed out one reasons why parents would like having a landline — keeping cellphones out of their kids’ hands. If you have a home phone, you can tell your children to use that to call their friends instead of having to borrow your mobile device.

This also allows you to easily monitor your kids’ actions. Instead of hiding in their rooms with cellphones, your sons and daughters have to stay in one place. This ensures that you know what everyone is talking about and up to at any time.

Bundles are better deals

Citing a Consumer Reports study, The Boston Globe stated that “34 percent [of respondents] who thought about switching phone services kept the phone as part of a bundle because of the skimpy savings.” The news source estimates that you’d only save about $5 if you took phone service out of your package, which isn’t really worth it given the benefits of having it. Sometimes, bundling can even help you save!